Addis Abeba

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Addis Abeba
Photograph of Addis Abeba
State GDP$87.32M
Culture Amhara

Addis Abeba is the capital and headquarters of the Italian Colonial Government in East Africa.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Addis Abeba, administrative capital of Ethiopia and, through it, of the entire Italian East Africa, has a relatively short history for the millenary tradition of the Horn of Africa. Founded at the end of the XIX century by Menelik, Emperor of Ethiopia, as the first proper imperial capital, the city grew rapidly with the influx of trade and immigrants from the poorer regions of the burgeoning Empire: the construction of the first railway in an independent African nation further accelerated its development, which only continued under Italian occupation, if for an entirely different purpose.

As the largest city in the newly-expanded Italian colonial domain, Addis Abeba, soon christened as the "Flower of the Empire" from its colonial coat of arms, was immediately chosen as the seat of the Viceroy, and a large portion of the city was soon demolished to make space for the designs of its new owners. Wide avenues, majestic triumphal arches and modern Italian-style quarters impress an indelible mark upon the city, while the nobility and middle class of the defeated enemy were pushed into ever-expanding slums: there, Italian Blackshirts and native African Policemen make sure that any challenge to the Italian order is quelled with prejudice.

With half a million inhabitants, a large industrial sector, and a labyrinthine bureaucracy, Addis Abeba is the largest city in the Horn of Africa. As such, different rules apply than the rest of the colony: with the impossibility to control the entirety of such a sprawling urban center, the racial order is enforced with way less zeal, and it is not uncommon to see poor Italian colonists live and work side by side with locals, a coexistence unseen in other parts of Italian Africa and which has led to the formation of what many call a unique underground culture.