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Capital of Reichskommissariat Ukraine
Photograph in the center of Kiew, 1951
State GDP$196.36M
Culture Ostdeutsch

Kiew (Ukrainian: Київ, English: Kiev or Kyiv) is the capital of the German "colonial" commissariat in Ukraine. It is also the biggest city in Ukraine and is located on the Dnieper (Ukrainian: Днепр).

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Kiev was once a beautiful city, one which came close to prosperity under the USSR. It used to feel proud of its history. With the arrival of the Wehrmacht and German colonizers, that has changed. They began with the siege, crushing the city with artillery. Then, they broke the city. As food grew sparse, it was decided not all could be fed.

Ukrainians starved in the streets of their capital. Then, when the war came to a close, the buildings came back up, now bearing the wound of Germanization upon the Ukrainian psyche, the history of the nation scrubbed away. A despair has fallen over the city. However, the past seems to have repeated. Once more, cities in Kiev are blown to pieces. Today, the Germans are not the culprits.