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City of the State of Guangdong
Population3.62 M
State GDP$ 1.13 B
GDP/C$ 313
Culture Hakka

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Almost straddling the line between the two Guangs, the city of Zhaoqing has floated in and out of the limelight. The Sui dynasty saw it rise to military and political prominence; the Ming dynasty, further still, propelled it to the seat of the Viceroy of Liangguang itself. But the limelight could only favor this inland city for so long before Guangzhou, the coastal jewel, took it back; the fall of the Qing to revolution, the fall of China to Japan, all of it did little to reverse this course.\n\nAs the Kōshu of today sparkles and glitters of the future, the Chōkei of today sulks in the past, now largely thought of as provincial and unimportant, when it is thought of at all.