Governatorato del Golfo

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Gulf Governorate
Governatorato del Golfo
Flag of the Gulf Govornorate
CapitalAbu Dhabi
Ruling Party Amministrazione Italiana del Golfo
(Tr: Italian Administration of the Gulf)
Head of StateGovernor Enrico Mattei
Sphere Italian Sphere
Foreign Alignment Triumvirate
Client Member
Credit Rating Good
Market Type Corporatism

The Gulf Governorate (Italian: Governatorato del Golfo), is an Italian colonial administration located on the Arabian Peninsula along the Persian Gulf. The Governorate was formed from the 3 formerly British protectorates of Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Bahrain. The Governorate is the base of Operations for the Italian Oil megacorp ENI, as the gulf is rich in oil. The Governor is the CEO of ENI.

There are 4 possible outcomes for the Governarate when Enrico Mattei dies late game (which is one of the leading causes of the Oil Crisis errupts), Italy will be forced to make a decision:

- Create a Federation of Emirates under the name of The United Arab Emirates. Led by the famed collaborator and head of government Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who will lead the UAE as an Oligarchy and begin Democratic reforms

- Return the colony to tradition and create a pro-Saudi, The League of Arab Sheikdoms, led by Absolute Monarch Shakhbut bin Sultan al Nahyan.

- Refuse to enact reform. If this happens, they risk being overthrown by the Arab administrators under the leadership of Left-Wing Populist Abdul Rahman Al Bakir of the National Union Committee. They will proclaim the Republic of the Arabian Gulf and distanced themselves from Italy.

- If the coups fails once the Oil Crisis errupts, the Indian immigrants will stage a revolution under the leadership of Syndicalist Gurudas Dasgupta of the Regional Radical Party, proclaiming the People's Republic of the Arabian Gulf.