Aryan Brotherhood

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Aryan Brotherhood
Arische Brudershaft
Flag of the Aryan Brotherhood
Ruling Party Aryan Brotherhood
Head of StateGutrum Vagner
Head of GovernmentBaldur Goltz
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned
Credit Rating Terrible
Market Type Deytsch Economics

The Aryan Brotherhood (Deytsch: Arische Brudershaft) is a Russian warlord state located in West Russia. It borders Vyatka and the Order of St. George to the west and north, Zlatoust to the east and Bashkortostan and the Ural League to the south.

The Brotherhood itself is a brutal National Socialist cult headed by Gutrum Vagner who, after having seen the Germans utterly destroy the Soviet Union during World War II, have become convinced the Germans were correct in their conviction that the Aryans are the master race. The Brotherhood sees Aryanism as a higher state of mind rather than merely a physical race, and they imitate many aspects of German culture. Their ultimate goal is to purify Russia of its subhuman Slavic mindset and ascend the country to a higher state of being through Aryanization.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Alexey Dobrovolsky was once just like any other Slav, weak and cowardly, blindly following the orders of his superiors in the West Russian Revolutionary Front. It was not until he was sent to die in battle against the Germans that he saw what true strength looked like. He saw might Aryan warriors smashing the weak Russian who dared oppose them, demonstrating the superiority of the master race. While the West Russian Revolutionary Front collapsed around him, Alexey had an epiphany: Aryanism is not physical. It is psychological, and those who are worthy of becoming Übermensch and ascend to join the master race by casting aside their old, inferior cultures. Alexey Dobrovolsky died that day. Gutrum Vagner and the Aryan Brotherhood were born.

Men fleeing from the Red Army flocked to join the brotherhood, drawn by its promises of enlightenment and a new dawn for a stronger Russia. Eventually Vagner's followers grew into the thousands, and the Fyurer declared it was time for the master race to conquer the east once and for all. The Brotherhood stormed into Perm, capturing the city and declaring the birth of a new Reykh. Since then they have expanded to the south and west, enslaving thousands of subhumans and uplifting anyone they find that is worthy of joining the ranks of the Übermensch. The Fyurer is not content with mindless raiding and pillaging, as fun as it is. He has far greater plans for the Brotherhood, plans that will be set in motion soon.

History[edit | edit source]

Russian Psyche[edit | edit source]

The failure of the West Russian War left deep scars in the Russian psyche. Three times Russia had fought Germany this century, each time resulting in defeat and collapse. To many it was starting to seem the Nazis' claims of racial superiority held weight, and the Russian people would never have the strength to stand against the German Übermensch. Some accepted this as a sad fact of life and resigned themselves to living in fear of the master race, but one man refused to accept his subjugation.

Band[edit | edit source]

As Russia fell into anarchy once more, Gutrum Vagner gathered a band of derelicts and degenerates around himself. For him, the West Russian War had been an awakening. He had seen the might of the master race on display as the Germans had crushed the West Russian Revolutionary Front. Vagner knew he held that same strength within himself, as did the men around him. They were the first of many to realize that Aryanism is not physical, but psychological. In the woods outside of Perm these men pledged to destroy the Slavic tyrants that had oppressed the Übermensch of the east for so long. Vagner proclaimed himself the Fyurer of the Aryan Brotherhood, and Russia's nightmare was born.

Doctrine[edit | edit source]

Word of the Brotherhood's doctrine spread quickly, and before long Vagner's following had grown into the thousands, bolstered by men seeking everything from redemption to safety to copious amounts of violence, all of which the Brotherhood offered. Sensing that the time had come to begin his crusade, the Fyurer and his army stormed into Perm, slaughtering the Slavic warlords that had ruled the city and declaring the birth of a new Aryan civilization that would liberate the Übermensch in the east just as Germany had done in the west. The first step was to purify the newly christened Permhaym, killing or enslaving the Untermensch that still lived within the city.

Permhaym[edit | edit source]

Since capturing Permhaym the Brotherhood has continued to pillage western Russia, scouring the east for loot, slaves, and the rare Aryans hidden among the Slavic masses, waiting to be uplifted by their more enlightened brothers. To the subhuman warlords of the region the Brotherhood is a band of savages led by a madman. The Fyurer knows better. He shall lead the Übermensch in the last conquest of the east, finally purging the Slavic corruption form Russia's soil and securing the destiny of the Aryan race once and for all.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Aryan Brotherhood starts with the following national spirits:

Name In-Game Description Effects
Luftwaffe Terror Bombing Every several weeks, Luftwaffe planes from the airfields of Reichskommissariat Moskowien fly over the warlord states of western Russia, gleefully bombing any civilian targets they find as a demented form of "pilot training". While they make life hell for rural communities and can occasionally slip through and rain fire upon provincial cities, they find that lingering for too long in Russian airspace risks interception by the remnants of the Soviet Air Forces. If the Free Aviators were not there to give the Luftwaffe hell at every opportunity, the situation in Russia would be far more dire. Consumer Good Factories: 15.0%

Construction Speed: -30.00%

Production Efficiency Cap: -20.00%

Production Efficiency Growth: -15.00%

Free Repair: -35.00%

Aryan Cult The so-called Aryans have brought down the millenarian Motherland... but our neighbors are fools if they believe that they, the so-called Untermenschen, are capable of casting down this enemy. Clearly, they have proven themselves superior to us in all regards... and if you cannot beat them, join them. We will make ourselves into Aryans, and as the Aryans have proven themselves superior over the Russian, so shall we as Aryans prevail over our inferiors and join the Reich as rulers. Division Organization: +15%

Recruitable Population Factor: -15%

Division attack: +10%

Aryan Control - Loose Communications between our many brothers, and resistance to our rule is still present, even if manageable for now. While we have nothing to fear from rats scurrying about, if our aspirations to conquer this savage land are to shape into reality, we must ascertain our control, lest the situation escape our control. Stability: +5%

War Support: +5%

Aryan Schematics In order to rise above the drudges of the Slavic subhumans and their backwardness, the Brotherhood has started several initiatives to replicate Germany's awe-inspiring successes in industry, science and weaponry. Luckily for us, there are plenty of leftover equipment from the German collaborators in the West Russian War that our technicians can study. While the necessitates casting away the "fruits" of Bolshevik "science", it means that we may one day match the feats of German engineering - the greatest in the world. Daily Political Power Gain: -0.05

Research Speed: +15%

Starting position and regional unification[edit | edit source]

The Aryan Brotherhood is one of the harder Russian unifiers to play as. They don't have much in the way of heavy industry or machinery, and their military does not have access to armor or aircraft. All they can rely on is their army, comprised of those Russians that have been successfully Aryanised or slaves commanded by the Aryanised. However through their focus tree the Brotherhood can solve these pressing issues, either through small concessions to the slaves or by force. The Aryan Brotherhood has access to a special "Aryan Cult" mechanic that will allow them to Aryanise Slavs to generate manpower, the speed of which will be determined by the focuses taken.

Once the German Civil War breaks out and the Luftwaffe bombings stop, the Aryan Brotherhood can begin the reunification of West Russia, which will have to be done by force as none of the other warlords will be interested in peacefully unifying. The main hurdle here will be defeating Onega as the Brotherhood as a technological disadvantage against them, but if the player has trained a good number of troops and has a good strategy it can be done, and perhaps the Brotherhood can reclaim the territories seized by Finland following the fall of the Soviet Union.

Once the Brotherhood has completed the regional unification of West Russia, it will redub itself as the Purified Aryan Brotherhood, and Vagner will begin the arduous task of Aryanising Russia - enslaving Slavs and eradicating the Russian langauge to make way for "Deytsch", the bizarre corruption of German spoken by the Purified Brotherhood. However at this point a power struggle will begin in the Purified Brotherhood's leadership between Vagner and a reformist faction led by Zigfrid Shultz. The player will be allowed to choose between two pathways for the Purified Brotherhood at this point: a National Socialist pathway where Vagner wins the power struggle, and an Ultranationalist pathway where Shultz wins.

National Socialist pathway (Vagner)[edit | edit source]

If the player selects Vagner's focuses in the power struggle, he will defeat Shultz and the reformers, and have them executed for being "subversive traitors" to the Aryan race. Then he can finish implementing his Aryanisation policies.

Vagner's economic focuses imply that he uses a modernised version of an ancient pre-feudal system of slavery similar to Germany's, with certain capitalist aspects such as paper money and technology although only available to Aryans. He can also reform to military to resemble the Wehrmacht - he can either make it an exact copy or a variant suited to the needs of Russia. For his diplomatic focuses he can try and contact the Reich to set up a special Pan-Aryan congress. Depending on the victor of the German Civil War the response will be one of ridicule, confusion or outright disgust.

At the superregional stage he will make another attempt to contact Germania, this time receiving no reply. Instead of acknowledging the futility of contacting Germany, Vagner concludes that Zionist spies intercepted his messages.

Once Vagner has completed the unification of Russia, he will declare the Russiky Reykh, with himself as Fyurer.

Vagner is a difficult warlord to reunify Russia as, for four key reasons: he does not have access to much industry at game start, he cannot unify with any other warlord peacefully, he cannot amass a large army even with the enforcement of the Aryan Cult on the populace, and coring times for him are the longest of any warlord. It is not recommended for a beginner to play as him - one would wait until they have experience reunifying Russia with the other warlords before trying him.

Ultranationalist pathway (Velimir)[edit | edit source]

The flag of Hyperborea, which will be adopted if Shultz takes over the Brotherhood.

If the player selects Shultz's focuses in the power struggle, he will defeat Vagner and have him killed. Then he will reveal himself as an adherent of Slavo-Aryanism, an ultranationalist Slavic pagan ideology that state that the Russians are the true inheritors of the Aryan race and the Germans are false Aryans under the control of the Jews. To fit this new ideology, Shultz will reform the Brotherhood into the ultranationalist state of Hyperborea, and will proclaim himself as Velimir, High Priest of Hyperborea and all Rus', and change the ruling party to "Assembly of the Slavs" (Slavyanski Sobor).

Gameplay-wise Velimir's mechanics are similar to Vagner's in that he retains many of the Aryan Brotherhood's elements, with one key difference - the slaves he uses for the economy are instead non-Slavs such as Tatars, as well as those Slavs that Velimir deems "degenerate". That is to say, communists and followers of the Russian Orthodox Church. He will not pursue tank research and will instead focus on harsh discipline to bolster the army's professionalism.

His diplomatic focuses will revolve around condemning nations he deems to be ruled by false Aryans - Germany and Burgundy, and also claiming the true Aryan homeland of Palestine. At the superregional stage, he will enact de-zionification and de-masonisation programs to root out non-Slavic and non-pagan elements in the Hyperborean state. He will also enact the "trials of redemption" which will allow slaves to earn their freedom and even join the army if they go through rigorous testing and religious indoctrination.

Like Vagner, Velimir is a hard warlord to play, as he cannot reunify with anyone peacefully and coring times are long.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Capitulation quote[edit | edit source]

"There remains some justice in the Russian Anarchy."

Origins: This quote is original to The New Order.

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