Perm Antifascist Committee

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Perm Antifascist Committee
Пермский антифашистский комитет - Permskiy Antifashistskiy Komitet
Flag of the Perm Antifascist Committee
Potential Ruling Party Perm Antifascist Committee
Potential Head of StateAlexander Medvedev
Potential Head of GovernmentVladimir Trapeznikov
Nature of Appearance
Can be formed by Onega if they defeat the West Russian unifier

The Perm Antifascist Committee is a resistance organization who have been fighting the Aryan Brotherhood in Perm ever since the latter's takeover of that city. They can be granted control of Perm in the event that Onega defeats the West Russian unifier and balkanizes West Russia.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The flag of the Antifascist Committee is derived from the flag of the Aryan Brotherhood, but with the swastika covered by the three arrows of antifascism.
  • Originally, Medvedev was the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood, taking the Deytsch name Andreas Maier. However, since this portrayal of Medvedev (a loyal Soviet soldier and anti-fascist in real life) was out-of-character and offensive, especially with the risk of his surviving family finding out due to constantly searching the internet for mentions of him, he was replaced by Alexey Dobrovolsky and changed into the commander of an anti-Aryan Brotherhood resistance group.