Free Aviators

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Free Aviators
Вольные Авиаторы - Volnyye Aviatory
Flag of the Free Aviators
Ruling Party Free Aviators
Head of StateYevdokia Bocharova
Head of GovernmentSerafima Amosova
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned
Credit Rating Poor
Market Type Worker Directed

The Free Aviators are a Russian warlord state located in West Siberia. They border the Gulf of Ob to the north, the Unorganized Siberian Territories to the east, Tomsk and Sverdlovsk to the south and Yugra to the west.

The state itself is ruled by the 588th Night Bomber Regiment of the Soviet Air Force, popularly referred to as the "Night Witches", an all-female fighter pilot regiment who have been fighting the Germans ever since the end of the Second World War. Even to this day they still strive to protect the Russian people from Luftwaffe terror bombings, intercepting any Luftwaffe bomber that ever dare to fly into Russian airspace

History[edit | edit source]

The 588th Night Bomber Regiment or the "Night Witches" was established in 1941 as a regiment of the Soviet Air Force, and they were the first women military pilots in history to directly engage an enemy in combat.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, they would link up and allied with the West Russian Revolutionary Front and provided them with air power during the West Russian War. Coming to the disastrous conclusion of that war and the WRRF's collapse, the Night Witches retreated to the Ural town of Surgut to continue their struggle against the Luftwaffe - which has earned them lots of praise and admiration throughout western Russia, even from the ultranationalist Omsk.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Free Aviators start with the following national spirits:

Name In-Game Description Effects
Night Witches We have never stopped fighting. Not in the war, not in the frenzy of evacuation, and not over the long years of disorder and collapse that followed. We have always been there, rising to combat the German invaders, even as others who claimed to do so fell into internecine conflict.But we did not, will not, ever stop. WHen the Germans come in their bombers, preparing to rain death upon the peoples of Russia, we respond. We avenge. And, far more often than they would like to admit, we win. Many tears ago the Germans, in their fear, named us the 'Night Witches'. Their pilots of today will again learn the reason for that moniker, preferably as their crippled aircraft speed, ever faster, towards the ground. With them inside. Air Experience Gain: +0.05 daily

Air Attack: +15%

Air Defense: +15%

War Support: +15.00%

Aerial Society The disproportionate numbers of pilots and aircraft in our lands, together with the experiences and outlooks of our leadership, have resulted in every societal problem being looked at through an aerial lens. We compensate for our poor infrastructure with airbridges. We use long-endurance reconnaissance aircraft instead of traditional border patrols. As well as much more besides. Every question posed has an answer in the skies, and we will prove it. Air Range: +20%

Resource Gain Efficiency: +10.00%

Supply Grace: +72.0 Hour(s)

Collective Improvisation Our lands are barren, to put it mildly. Despite this, we maintain an air force capable of challenging, and occasionally defeating, the mighty Luftwaffe, and we do this through extreme improvisation. Whether it is replacing high-performance engines with those from tractors, distilling grain alcohol to replace aviation fuel, or repairing damaged metal wings with fabric and wood, we figure out a way to make do. This attitude towards collaborative improvisation permeates or society, ensuring that whatever the challenge encountered our people, instead of succumbing to despair or defeat, work together to find an innovative solution. Daily Political Power Gain:: +0.10

Stability: +15.00%

Research Speed: +5.0%

Ideology drift defense: +25.0%

The Free Aviators are not a unifier and cannot reunite Russia. They mainly serve as an in-universe explanation for why the Luftwaffe terror bombings have not completely decimated West Russia. Once the German Civil War begins and the terror bombings stop, the Free Aviators are released from their duty and effectively become irrelevant until it comes time for West Siberia to unify. The West Siberian unifier (either Tyumen, Omsk or Sverdlovsk) will not be able to absorb the Free Aviators until the other two unifiers have been dealt with. Should the Free Aviators refuse an offer of peaceful unification, they will be swiftly conquered due to lacking any ground units.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Capitulation quote[edit | edit source]

"She smiled sadly, as she flew into the night."

Origins: This quote is original to The New Order.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Free Aviators are the only warlord that Omsk can peacefully unite with.
  • If one uses console commands to change the Free Aviators to the Market Liberalism ideology, they will change their name to the Premium Aviators. This is likely a combination of a joke (going from "Free" to "Premium") as well as a reference to their name when the game was in early development — Besplatnyye Aviatory — which translates to "Free of Charge Aviators" in Russian.