Military Governorate of Shonan-Marai

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Military Governorate of Shonan-Marai
Shonan-Marai Gunseibu
Flag of the Governorate
Ensign of the Imperial Japanese Army
Ruling Party 25th Army Headquarters
Head of StateYamamoto Moichirō
Head of GovernmentSultan Omar Ali
Saifuddien III
(In Exile)
Sphere Co-Prosperity Sphere
Foreign Alignment Fully Dependent Member of the Co-Prosperity Sphere
Credit Rating Good
Market Type Planned Economy

The Military Governorate of Shonan-Marai, also referred to as Shonan-Morai Gunseibu, is a country in south-east Asia. It is a Japanese overseas territory administrated ruthlessly by the 25th Army. The Governorate is a member of the Co-Prosperity Sphere, bordering Thailand to the north.

It starts the game at war with the Communist partisans of the UMAJF controlling a chunk of the Governorate's claimed north-west territory. This conflict develops in to the Malayan Emergency becoming one of the earliest conflicts of the Cold War.

History[edit | edit source]

The 25th Army, under the leadership of General Tomoyuki Yamashita and his deputies, stormed through the Malayan Peninsula, with bicycles, tanks and infantry. With running battles against the British Indian Army, Australians and British personnel, it would result in one of Britain's crushing defeats in the Pacific Theatre of the Second World War, with the surrender at Singapore.

Subsequently, the 25th Army was stationed in the Malayan Peninsula, set to garrison the Empire of Japan's newly conquered territory, where they stayed for the next 20 years. It was during these 20 years that the 25th Army slowly grew lax in it's garrisoning duties, as well as having manpower chipped away by the guerilla war, resulting in their ranks mostly bolstered by Malayan collaborators.

On paper, the 25th Army is supposed to be one of the most elite units in the Sphere, guarding the strategic Straits of Malacca and the resources of Malaya. However, the constant attrition with the guerrillas have depleted its manpower and equipment. To make up for this, Shonan conscripts any abled person to compensate for the 25th's ineffeciency and form a marginally more competent fighting force.

To Japan, keeping control of Malaya has been a massive money sink, with the 25th Army unable to put the UMAJF rebels down for good. However, they can never leave the country because its resources are vital to the Sphere and Shonan-to must be protected at all costs.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Shonan-Marai Administration also originally owned North Borneo before it was given to the North Borneo Military Administration. This nation was eventually turned into its current state in the Toolbox Theory Update.

Prior to this update, Malaya was originally under the total control of a Japanese colonial government known as the Federation of Syonan led by Sultan Ibrahim of Johor, a Japanese collaborator who served as a Puppet King to them.

He would have later passed from natural causes and be replaced by Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien III, whom would enact reforms to turn Malaya into a Conservative Democracy led by Tunku Abdul Rahman.