Viet Minh

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Viet Minh
Việt Minh
Flag of the Viet Minh
Ruling Party Viet Minh
Head of StateHo Chi Minh
Head of GovernmentTruong Chinh
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned
Credit Rating Junk
Market Type Planned Economy

The Viet Minh (Vietnamese: Việt Minh), officially known as the League for the Independence of Vietnam, is a Vietnamese revolutionary rebellion within the north of Vietnam. This organization is the only rebellion still undefeated and active in East Asia, and has lasted for 20 years despite Japanese dominance within the region.

The Việt Nam Độc lập Vận động Đồng minh Hội was formed by Hồ Học Lãm in Nanjing, China, between 1935 and 1936, as an anti-imperialist united front. It lapsed into inactivity and was taken over by Hồ Chí Minh and the Indochinese Communist Party (ICP) in 1941. The organization was more nationalist than communist, urging various political groups to overthrow Japanese fascists and the Pro-Japanese Government in Vietnam.

When the Japanese occupation began, the Việt Minh opposed Japan with support from the United States and the Republic of China. After World War II, the Việt Minh opposed the occupation of Vietnam by the Japanese, resulting in a guerilla warfare campaign to liberate Vietnam from the Japanese, and later opposed the Empire of Vietnam, a Pro-Japanese Government supported by the Empire of Japan.

World War II[edit | edit source]

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During World War II, Japan occupied French Indochina, and the Việt Minh began a campaign against them. They attacked the Japanese 21st Division in Thai Nguyen and raided rice stores to alleviate famine. By the end of 1944, the Việt Minh claimed 500,000 members, with 200,000 in Tonkin, 150,000 in Annam, and 150,000 in Cochinchina. After the Japanese coup d'état, the Viet Minh and ICP expanded their activities, forming national salvation associations and securing control in the northern provinces of Việt Bắc.

They distributed lands to the poor, abolished the corvee, established quoc ngu classes, local village militias, and declared universal suffrage and democratic freedoms. The Viet Minh received funding from the United States and the Republic of China due to their opposition to the Japanese. Even during the American entry into the war and after the surrender of the Americans, the Viet Minh received limited support from the USA.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

The Viet Minh has no content as of The Ruin update. Despite this, they are an essential force for the Great Asian War, as many formerly exiled Chinese Communist Party members will leave Viet Minh-occupied Vietnam to fight in the conflict.

National Spirits[edit | edit source]

The Viet Minh starts with the following National Spirits

Name In Game Description Effects
20 Years of Resistance The Viet Minh have been around for nearly twenty years at this point, and in that time it has cemented itself as the premier anti-Japanese resistance organization in Vietnam. It has outlasted its Chinese comrades, having endured the worst of the Japanese where they unfortunately scattered. The Viet Minh has repulsed successive Japanese attacks, endured through Thai savagery, and still remains a force to be reckoned with within Indochina. So long as imperialism and reaction remain on the Indochinese Peninsula, the Viet Minh shall last for another twenty years. Production Efficiency Growth: +5.00%

Division Defence: +10.0%

Victory in Lang Son The Viet Minh dealt its first offensive victory against the Japanese with the Summer-Autumn Border Campaigh, devised by Vo Nguyen Giap with the assistance of Ye Jianying. In a matter of weeks, VM forces defeated the Fifth Division of the 38th Army, taking the city of Lang Son and forcing a retreat to Hon Gai. This stunning victory has shocked both the Japanese and the Vietnamese public, who have now turned against the imperial government for their handling of the crisis. And while the government falls apart, the Viet Minh have already begun moving to expand and further undermine both Empires of Japan and Vietnam. Daily Political Power Gain: +0.05

Division Organization: +5.0%

Recruitable Population Factor: 3%

Weekly Stability: +1.00%

Division Attack: +5.0%

Comrades from the North Though China has been utterly defeated by the Japanese, the Chinese themselves have not given up. Remnants of the National Revolutionary Army, particularly the Communist-led New Fourth and Eighth Route Armies have made their way south to Yunnan and Guangxi, where they have since made contact with the Viet Minh. For their part, the Viet Minh have welcomed these exiles with open arms, bringing greatly-needed expertise and soldiers to the struugle. However, everyone knows that their cooperation, while incredibly fruitful, will soon diminish as the exiles plot their comeback... Leader Experience Gain: +3.0%

Recruitable Population Factor: 2%