Free France

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Free French Liberation Forces
Forces Françaises Libres de la Libération
Flag of Free France
Free France in Light Green
Puppet Dahomey in Gray

Ruling Party Comité Français de Libération Nationale
Head of StateCharles de Gaulle
Head of GovernmentJacques Chaban-Delmas
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned
Credit Rating Good
Market Type Dirigisme

The Free French Liberation Forces, are the last remnants of Charles de Gaulle's Free French government-in-exile, which fought the Germans during World War II in the hopes of liberating France from the German yoke. Unfortunately, the German victory in the war severly blunted the odds of liberating La Metropole. Things have not gone in their favour post-war, either, as they have since lost control of the majority of their colonial holdings to independence movements and revolts.

Now, the only African territory the Free French have left is the Ivory Coast, which grants Free France borders with Mali, Sokoto and Mossiland to the north, Ghana to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the south and Liberia and Guinea to the west. They also hold control of the Kerguelen Islands in the southern Indian Ocean, where they will be exiled if they are defeated in the West African War. The Ivory Coast is, in fact, also not a great place to have been left stranded, as the German Luftwaffe terror bombings still run through the country and devastates any semblance of infrastructure and economy.