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Cameroonian African State
État Africain Camerounais
Flag of Cameroon
Cameroon in Light Green
Ruling Party Parti de la Libération Africaine
(Tr: African Liberation Party)
Head of StateFélix-Roland Moumié
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned
Credit Rating Good
Market Type Planned Economy

The Cameroonian African State is a country located at the crossroads between West Africa and Central Africa. It borders Aïr and Kanem to the north, Egypt to the east, Reichskommissariat Zentralafrika and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and Yorubaland and Sokoto to the west.

History[edit | edit source]

Prior to the Second World War, the Cameroonian core was divided between two League of Nations mandates - a French mandate based out of Yaoundé, and a British mandate based out of Buea.

The 1940 armistice between France and Germany severly weakened the French capability to hold its grip on its colonies, which provided the opportunity for an African revolutionary, one Ruben Um Nyobé, to make his move. Marshalling whatever freedom fighters he could find and receiving copious support from Germany, he launched a revolt that succeeded in throwing the French Army out of Cameroon, and their colonists along with it. After this reclamation was complete, Nyobé established the Union of West Africa as a new independent African state.

Following the fall of the United Kingdom, the Union would act against the British mandatory government in their half of Cameroon when it suppressed a general strike by native workers. Although the British colonial government was quickly defeated, the Union found itself coming into conflict with the Free French Forces led by Charles de Gaulle, and a stalemate ensued as neither side had the upper hand - Free France had the technological advantage, whilst the Union had knowledge of the terrain. Eventually a peace treaty would be mediated where France recognised the Union in exchange for vital rubber exports.

However, eventually the Union would find itself beginning to fall apart as various militia commanders began to assert themselves as warlords, travelling the countryside and pillaging whatever towns they came across. This collapse would only accelerate after Nyobé himself was assassinated by one such warlord after refusing the right to sell children as slaves.

Thankfully before any collapse could happen, the former Union would be saved by an exiled pan-African crusader, Félix-Roland Moumié, who vowed to act against this bloodshed. Obtaining support from Japan, who wanted to curb German and American influence in Africa, Moumié returned to Cameroon and took control of its socialist ruling party, the Parti de la Libération Africaine (PLA), and established the African Continental Army (ACA) to liberate the Union.

Although Moumié and the ACA were able to pry the Union's territory from the warlords, an attempt at invading Reichskommissariat Zentralafrika was thwarted by the Luftwaffe's air power. Subsequently a peace treaty was signed and the military government of the ACA disbanded, allowing Moumié to proclaim the Cameroonian African State as the Union's succesor. Now he looks outwards, eager to continue the liberation of the Dark Continent...

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Cameroon starts with the following national spirits:

Name In-Game Description Effects
Luftwaffe Terror Bombing Launched from airfields in Südwestafrika, the German Luftwaffe regularly launch missions across western Africa, indiscriminately bombing both civilian and military targets as a demented form of 'pilot training'. Only along the coast do those few scattered cities with sufficient anti-air capabilities keep the Luftwaffe at bay, with none in the region capable of beating back this enemy permanently. This leaves the Germans with near impunity to strike the towns and farmlands further inland, crippling west African growth until this nightmare can finally end. Construction Speed: -60%

Production Efficiency Cap: -40%

Production Efficiency Growth: -35%

Needed Consumer Goods: +25%

Pan-African Vanguard The concept of Pan-Africanism may not have originated in Cameroon, but Cameroon has adopted Pan-Africanism as its purpose. The Vanguard sees Africa for what it is: a playground for the global superpowers, a nightmare for all native Africans under an imperial boat. Cameroon promises to liberate all Africans from colonial oppression and the suffering of unnatural, inhuman democracy. The Vanguard will cloak the continent in an everlasting freedom for Africans alone, or it will die trying. Division Attack: +5%

Reinforce Rate: +2%

AI Modifier: Focus on Offense: +50%

Tense Borders Cameroon lies in a sea of anarchy and destruction. From Zentralafrika in the southeast to Yorubaland in the West, with rebellious groups thriving in between, Cameroon's borders are anything but secure. Efforts to secure the wild border are proving too big a drain on manpower and the economy, but the border must be secure for Cameroon to survive. If the situation is not handled soon, the country is sure to collapse. War Support: +10%
Political Rivalries The Parti de la Libération Africaine maintains an image of unity within Cameroon, but the organization is far from unified. Rivals of many political backgrounds vie for control of the party, including the pro-centralization faction of Félix Roland Moumié, the federalists of Ruben Um Nyobé, the militarists, and the republicans. Each faction consolidates power within the party, and with some factions forming militias, one faction must come out on top to determine Cameroon's ultimate destiny. Recruitable Population Factor: -25%

Stability: -25%

Taxable Population: -10%

African Continental Army The ACA's shining moments were during the Zentralafrika Crisis back in the 1950s, when it proved itself a powerful fighting force. Those glory days are gone, and the army is now a heap of different militias, disorderly command, and obsolete equipment, bound together by an ineffective command structure. The army is clearly overstretched and aging rapidly, falling into irrelevance amongst the colonial forces in the region. Division Attrition: -10%

Division Recovery Rate: +15%

Max Planning: -25%

Land Doctrine Cost: +75%

Trivia[edit | edit source]