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Zlatoust Republic
Златоустовская Республика - Zlatoustovskaya Respublika
Flag of Zlatoust
Ruling Party Zlatoust Prosperity Party
Head of StateYevgeny Dragunov
Head of GovernmentMikhail Kalashnikov
Foreign AlignmentN/A
Credit Rating Mediocre
Market Type Free Market Capitalism

Zlatoust, offically the Zlatoust Republic, is a Russian warlord state located in West Siberia. It borders Yugra to the north, Sverdlovsk and Tyumen to the east, Magnitogorsk to the south and the Ural League and the Aryan Brotherhood and the Order of St. George to the west.

Zlatoust is an arms merchant state led by firearm-designer-turned-mayor Yevgeny Dragunov, whose main speciality is selling arms to the other warlord states.

Zlatoust is not a unifier and has no content as of the The Ruin update.

History[edit | edit source]

Good Businessmen[edit | edit source]

The Greatest Calamity[edit | edit source]

The old Soviet Union never liked good businessmen. Too much guile, too much ingenuity, too many resources, too little of the slavish obedience craved by the government. Consequently, the opportunities for truly capable men to ecel and reach beyond were nonexistent, at least, not until everything fell apart. For millions of people, the German invasion was the greatest calamity possible. For Yevgeny Dragunov, Russia's most gifted gunsmith, the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest of business opportunities.

Genius[edit | edit source]

Stationed in the Siberian city of Zlatoust, the master armorer was sheltered comfortably from the disasters unfolding in the rest of the country. Seizing power, he turned the city into a paradise of war profiteering. Legions of petty warlords desired the modern weapons produced by his genius, and Dragunov was all to eager to satisfy their wishes. Zlatoust stood as an oasis of peace and prosperity in West Siberia, that wealth built off the spoils of others' wars. Only the West Siberian People's Republic, led by the same Bolshevik goons who denied him his fortune, stood in his way.

Business[edit | edit source]

Turmoil[edit | edit source]

Now that the west Siberian People's Republic has collapsed into its own turmoil, the business outlook is better than ever. His former rivals stand humbled, and there is even more demand for his weapons in order to fight an increasing number of petty territorial conflicts. With his partner-in-crime Mikhail Kalashnikov, he continues to innovate new and superior designs, ensuring that Russia stays fighting itself for as long as it takes for them to make the profit of a lifetime. While Dragunov certainly wouldn't mind unification, any challenge to his enterprise must be put down - even if it leaves Russia divided in the process.

Rivals[edit | edit source]

Dragunov's rivals - digmatic Tyumen, pragmatic Sverdlovsk, and fanatic Omsk - battle amongst themselves in an ouroboros of death that he is all to eager to feed further. But this may not last forever, and if one party gains the upper hand, it will look upon its hated enemies' benefactors and seek revenge. For that possibility, Zlatoust must always be prepared, and Dragunov will sit on a dragon's treasure trove if he succeeds.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Zlatoust starts with the following national spirits:

Name In-Game Description Effects
Luftwaffe Terror Bombing With depressing regularity, Luftwaffe bombers from the airfields of Reichskommissariat Moskowien fly over the warlord states of western Russia, bombing everything they can see and affecting nearly every aspect of Russian life as a result. The only salvation comes in the form of the Free Aviators, who strive to intercept them at every opportunity. If not for them, the situation in Russia would be far more dire. Monthly Population: -5.0%

Constructuon Speed: -40.0%

Production Efficiency Cap: -10.0%

Production Efficiency Growth: -7.0%

Free Repair: -70.0%

Needed Consumer Goods: +7.0%

Golden Republic With the Urals acting as our wall against the reach of the German Reich, and dozens of Russian warlords vying for power in this contended wasteland, there remains a chance for men and women of this country to make a sizable profit. Many have accused the arms trading ways of our state to be unethical, exploitative, and dangerous; however, what has torn them apart has built ourselves up, providing our citizens just a bit of light in these dark times. Max Buildings in a State: +10%

Factory Output: +30.00%

Trade Deal Opinion Factor: +10.00%

GDP Growth: +1.50%

The Two Consuls Yevgeny Dragunov and Mikhail Kalashnikov - the two figures around which our republic revolves. Under their leadership we have become an oasis of peace in this sea of conflict, even though we had to fuel some of that conflict ourselves. As the old maxim goes however, si vis pacem, para belllum. Stability: +20.00%

Factory Output: +10.00%

The Zlatoust Arms Plant (NOTE: This spirit will be granted to any warlord that owns the Zlatoust state)

The famed Zlatoust Arms Plant, lying deep within the Urals, has long been famed for the high quality of its produced equipment and munitions. With the plant secured for the state, its extensive production lines can be exploited to ensure the rapid production of vast quantities of materiel.

Production Efficiency Cap: +5.00%

Factory Output: +10.00%

Infantry Equipment:

Production Cost: -20.00%

Reliability: +5%

Support Anti-Tank:

Production Cost: -10.00%

Reliability: +5%

The flag of the Ural Republic, which Zlatoust will form if it deunifies West Siberia.

Zlatoust is not a unifier and cannot reunite Russia. However they are one of the deunifiers. If Zlatoust somehow manages to defeat the West Siberian unifier when they attack, then it will annex more of the Urals and proclaim the Ural Republic before forming a series of puppet states out of the remaining land.

After Zlatoust is either annexed or capitulated to certain West Siberian unifiers, such as Sverdlovsk, Dragunov's connections with the rest of the world will be used to expand their diplomatic standing with the world.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Capitulation quote[edit | edit source]

"The merchants traded the rope on which they are now hanged."

Origins: This quote is original to The New Order, but it is probably based on the quote "The Capitalists will sell us the rope we will hang them with".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The flag of the Ural Republic in the Zlatoust deunification scenario is taken from the proposed flag of the real-life Ural Republic, an unrecognised federal subject of the Russian Federation that existed from July 1, 1993 to November 9, 1993.