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Vorkuta Corrective Labor Camp
Воркутинский исправительно-трудовой лагерь - Vorkutinskiy ispravitel'no-trudovoy lager'
Flag of Vorkuta
Ruling Party Main Directorate of Correctional Labor Camps and Colonies of the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Head of StateVasily Blokhin
Foreign AlignmentN/A
Credit Rating Poor
Market Type Planned Economy

Vorkuta, offically the Vorkuta Corrective Labor Camp, is a Russian warlord state located in West Siberia. It borders the Arctic Ocean to the north, Yugra to the east and south and the West Russian Revolutionary Front to the west.

The state itself is based around the Vorkutlag, one of the most infamous gulags within the former Soviet Union. They are not a unifier and have no content as of the The Ruin update.

History[edit | edit source]

The Vorkutlag was established in 1932 to house political prisoners of the Bukharin regime, ranging from non-communists and priests to simple criminals. Some of its most notable prisoners would be Janis Mendriks and Jaba Ioseliani. The gulag also housed vast coal desposits used to fuel Russian industry.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union chaos broke out as several criminal groups launch an uprising in an attempt to escape the gulag. The chaos would be resolved by Father Mendriks, who convinced many of the prisoners and guards to set aside their difference and undertake a dangerous trek to the southern Urals, where they formed the Ural League. At the same time a large group of criminals led by Ioseliani also escaped, and they headed east to form a criminal empire out of Yugorsk.

The more dangerous guards and criminals, including Vorkuta's leader Vasily Blokhin, stayed behind. Blokhin would remain loyal to the West Russian Revolutionary Front during the West Russian War, providing the Front with forced labor and coal. However once the Front collapsed at the war's end Vorkuta seceded from the Front. The statelet itself is now a totalitarian and isolationist hellhole where Blokhin wields absolute power, as he executes and disappears anyone that dares to challenge him.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Vorkuta starts with the following national spirits:

Name In-Game Description Effects
Luftwaffe Terror Bombing With depressing regularity, Luftwaffe bombers from the airfields of Reichskommissariat Moskowien fly over the warlord states of western Russia, bombing everything they can see and affecting nearly every aspect of Russian life as a result. The only salvation comes in the form of the Free Aviators, who strive to intercept them at every opportunity. If not for them, the situation in Russia would be far more dire. Monthly Population: -5.0%

Constructuon Speed: -40.0%

Production Efficiency Cap: -10.0%

Production Efficiency Growth: -7.0%

Free Repair: -70.0%

Needed Consumer Goods: +7.0%

Security State The state of Vorkuta made its origins with the NKVD officers sent to guard and survey the armies of prisoners of war, political prisoners, and violent criminals sent to pillage the vast resources of the region. From the era of the Front onwards, and past the West Russian War, the NKVD was granted free reign to rule the province as they saw fit, to maximize the crucial resources needed to keep the war machine in the West operational.One can say they were cruel, and that they were brutal, perhaps unnecessarily so. But one cannot say that they were incompetent. The KNVD of Vorkuta, now swollen with volunteers and 'rehabilitated' prisoners is a formidable machine, with truly fearful capabilities in the field of combat, security, and intelligence-gathering. Encryption: +1.00

Encryption: +25.00%

Reinforce Rate: +15.0%

Inhospitable Climate Vorkuta's climate, to put it as lightly as anyone is likely to, is brutally cold and unforgiving. In many parts of the region, permafrost cakes the ground, agriculture is impossible, and hunting is unfruitful. Unwinterized equipment is liable to freeze, and ill-prepared soldiers are likely to suffer. To fight in these harsh conditions is not a prospect one should take lightly, or approach with anything other than caution and acceptance of the dangers involved. Division Attrition: -15.0%

Winter Attrition: -35.0%

Divison Defense on Core Territory: +15.0%

The Vorkuta Gulags (NOTE: This spirit will be granted to any warlord that owns the Vorkuta state)

For many years, the Soviet Union sent its most dangerous prisoners, criminal and political both, by the thousands to Vorkuta, where they were put to work for the state's benefit. With control of the gulags secured, the state now has access to that resource, and can exploit it for work crews and conscripts alike.

Resource Gain Efficiency: +10.00%

Division Organization: -5.0%

Recruitable Population Factor: +10%

Ideology Drift Defense: +25.0%

As already stated Vorkuta is not a unifier and cannot reunite Russia. In most playthroughs of The New Order they will be one of the last West Siberian warlords to be conquered by the West Siberian unifier.

If Zlatoust manages to defeat the West Siberian unifier and deunite West Siberia, Vorkuta will be left intact until the West Russian unfier conquers it.

The flag of Vorkuta in the Omsk collapse scenario.

If Vorkuta is conquered by Omsk, and the Black League subsequently collapses, Vorkuta will gain independence under the Vorkuta Liberation Committee, an alliance of the Black League's political prisoners headed by Viktor Kolesnikov.

Also, if Onega deunifies West Russia and then West Siberia, they will depose Vorkuta's government and annex the region.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Capitulation quote[edit | edit source]

"The damned souls no longer guard their Hell."

Origins: This quote is original to The New Order.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In earlier versions of the mod, Vorkuta was a Soviet naval remnant ruled by Admiral Arseniy Golovko, but due to the lack of sense in the story of the Soviet fleet being trapped in the Arctic Circle, Vorkuta's content was transferred to another Russian warlord, Kamchatka. Admiral Golovko was then replaced by Admiral Ivan Yumashev and Vorkuta gained new content as a gulag state.