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Orenburg Communes
Оренбургские Коммуны - Orenburgskaya kommuna
Flag of Orenburg
Ruling Party Worker's Council of Orenburg
Head of StateWorker's Council of Orenburg
Head of GovernmentAlexander Kovalenko
Foreign AlignmentN/A
Credit Rating Terrible
Market Type Anarchic

Orenburg, officially the Orenburg Communes, is a Russian warlord state in the Southern Urals. It borders Bashkortostan to the north, the Ural League and the Dirlewanger Brigade to the east, Kazakh SSR to the south and Samara to the west.

Orenburg is not a centralized state but rather a loose confederation of self-sufficient villages ruled by a Worker's Council. They are not a unifier as of the The Ruin update, but they do still have several years' worth of content.

History[edit | edit source]

The Communes[edit | edit source]

City on a Hill[edit | edit source]

Amongst the vast Russian anarchy lies a secluded haven of stability: Orenburg. Existing as a neutral ground for the surrounding peasant villages, the city emerged as the de facto authority of the surrounding region following the collapse of the Old Soviet Union. Orenburg is a beacon of hope to the people of Russia in these dark and tumultuous times. Peasants and refugees are drawn to Orenburg like moths to a flame. Passing through the Ural League, they bring with them stories, hungry mouths, and tired souls. So many make the long exodus to the promised land of the Southern Urals, giving everything for the chance at a better life, and so many are disappointed.

All Surrounded[edit | edit source]

Orenburg is bordered by the Ural League, a militia dedicated to the protection of the people, and the Dirlewanger Brigade, a bandit kingdom ruled by German fascists that never stopped their pillage. Beyond either of those lies Magnitogorsk, the Black Mountain, rumored to rest in the iron grip of a mad scientist and his NKVD minions.

Reforms[edit | edit source]

Even if the skies weren't filled with bombers, the Orenburg Workers' State lacks the organization and will to industrialize the region. Despite the legends, Orenburg is disorganized and fragile. the Workers' Council is consumed by indecision, infighting and bureaucracy. The village communes it represents are fiercely independent and oppose any efforts to centralize the region into something resembling a functioning government. If Orenburg is to survive, it must adapt.

Not all agree with the Workers' Council, however. Aleksander Burba imagines a technocratic republic that can carry Orenburg into the modern world, while his opponent Georgy Malenkov rallied around an older, more Soviet style of governance. A bright future lies before Orenburg, and the Urals as a whole, but only if she is strong enough to seize it...

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Orenburg starts with the following national spirits:

Name In-Game Description Effects
Luftwaffe Terror Bombing With depressing regularity, Luftwaffe bombers from the airfields of Reichskommissariat Moskowien fly over the warlord states of western Russia, bombing everything they can see and affecting nearly every aspect of Russian life as a result. The only salvation comes in the form of the Free Aviators, who strive to intercept them at every opportunity. If not for them, the situation in Russia would be far more dire. Monthly Population: -5.0%

Constructuon Speed: -40.0%

Production Efficiency Cap: -10.0%

Production Efficiency Growth: -7.0%

Free Repair: -70.0%

Needed Consumer Goods: +7.0%

Anarchic Communes - Industry The people of Orenburg are wary of anything remotely centralized, and this extends to the industry. As a result, the vast majority of actual industrial capacity exists only within the city of Orenburg itself. Beyond the city the only work most may find is in agrarian farming collectives and primitive workshops, severely limiting the potential output of the communes. Construction Speed: -50.00%

Factory Output: -50.00%

Anarchic Communes - Politics Orenburg is not a tyrannical national government, it is a collection of communes who freely choose to enter into the politics of the Council. This makes our government greatly inefficient, as if we do not hear the words of every single person within our territory, how can we truly call ourselves free from tyranny? Daily Political Power Gain: -0.25

Stability: +0.25

Research Speed: -10.00%

Anarchic Communes - Military In Orenburg, the army is mostly made up of popular militias instead of a unified military. While the support for such militias is high, this does not bode well if we wish for a quality fighting force. Due to the militias' often chaotic rallying cries, the few higher military organizers that exist routinely suffer from psychological breakdowns. Moblilization Speed: -50.00%

Division Organization: -2.0

Recruitable Population Factor: -50.0%

Supply Consumption: +50.0%

Division Recovery Rate: -60.0%

Divison Defense: -50.0%

Training Time: +75.00%

Refugee Crisis Refugees pour over the Urals, hoping to find shelter in the Communes, escorted west by the League when they don't settle near the Gulags. more escape from the south, fleeing the roving bands of German bandits and their pet Kazakh horse riders. Most of the Communes refuse to take these strangers, meaning that Orenburg city is buckling under the weight as we shoulder the burden. Montly Population: +5.0%

Stability: -10.00%

War Support: -10.00%

Trivia[edit | edit source]