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United Malayan Anti-Japanese Front
Barisan Anti-Jepun Malaya Bersatu
Flag of the Front
Ruling Party UMAJF-PKM
Head of StateChin Peng
Head of GovernmentVacant Position
Foreign AlignmentN/A
Credit Rating Good
Market Type Planned Economy

The United Malayan Anti-Japanese Front, commonly known as the UMAJF, is a partisan-led front fighting the colonial government of Japanese Malaysia. Made up of an alliance of Malay and Chinese partisans fighting against the Japanese and their collaborators. While driven from major cities, the resistance is still alive, albeit depleted.

This conflict is present at the start of the game, known as the Malayan Emergency.

History[edit | edit source]

The UMAJF is an alliance between four different groups: the Communist Party of Malaya (PKM) led by Chin Peng, the socialists under Ahmad Boestamam, the nationalist PEKEMBAR under Tun Abdul Razak, and the Askar Wataniah Regiment under pro-nationalist General Yeop Mahidin.

Originally born out of the partisan activities conducted by the PKM, the UMAJF would slowly acquire new allies as dissent and hate grew against the Japanese Administration in Malaya, culminating in the alliance between the Malay resistance groups on the Malay Peninsula. Although the United Front holds steady for now against the Japanese, things may change should they achieve victory over the common enemy.

Possible Paths[edit | edit source]

There are 4 possible endings for the UMAJF: Total Victory, 2 Ceasefires and Total Defeat.

UMAJF Leaning Ceasefire and Victory[edit | edit source]

Should the UMAJF achieve total victory against the Shonan-Marai and the collaborators, with American backing via Operation Nassau. Chin Peng will step down as head of the front and sets up a provisional government to rule until an election is held between electoral candidates, mainly between the moderate socialist Ahmed Boestamam and the U.S backed candidate Tun-Abdul Razak win and finally transition into a federation.

Similarly, an UMAJF-leaning ceasefire can happen. In this instance, the UMAJF will hold whatever gains it has made. Meanwhile, the Japanese will restore the Sultanate of Johor's standing over the peninsula, led by the Japanese collaborator, Ibrahim of Johor.

UMAJF Stalemate and Defeat[edit | edit source]

If neither the UMAJF nor the Shonan-Marai forces achieve any amount of major victory or progress against each other, a ceasefire can happen. In this instance, Chin Peng in a last ditch effort, annexes all UMAJF territory and renames the guerilla state to the Malayan National Liberation Army or MNLA, though he can be couped by Yeop Mahidin and the Askar Wataniah.

Should Yeop Mahidin coup the government, he can invite back the exiled Tun Hussein Onn from India to lead the new government. This state, if led by Hussein Onn can potentially reunify with the north if a referendum advocating for unification with the collaborators around the year 1970 succeeds.

In the worst case scenario, they are completely defeated by the Gunseibu and it's collaborators, with Malaya forever enslaved under the rays of the Rising Sun. A puppet government will be installed instead, however.