Gutrum Vagner

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Gutrum Vagner
Gutrum Vagner. 1963
Fyurer of the Aryan Brotherhood
Date of Birth13 October 1938
Place of BirthMoscow, Russian SFSR, USSR
Age at start24
Nationality Russian
(Aryan Brotherhood)
RoleFyurer of the Aryan Brotherhood
Political PartyAryan Brotherhood
Ideology National Socialism

Gutrum Vagner, originally Alexey Alexandrovich Dobrovolsky (Russian: Алексей Александрович Добровольский; born 13 October 1938) is the starting head of state of the Aryan Brotherhood, a warlord state in West Russia.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

The enfant terrible of Western Russia, an infamy he earned among his rival neighbors, Alexey Alexandrovich Dobrovolsky had an unremarkable background. The hardships suffered by his family in a collapsing world of Soviet Russia after the war left him with little opportunities for self-realization, but like many of his peers, he was taught in his childhood about the superiority of socialist nations, leaders, and armies. Yet, being conscripted by the West Russian Revolutionary forces during their strike at Moskowien, he saw these superior soldiers being slaughtered and pushed back by a far stronger foe. Witnessing the havoc and destruction brought by both sides, he could not help himself but to be dazzled by the might of the Aryan sword. Deserting along with the fellow-minded Red Army recruits to the woods of Perm, he devoted himself to the search for truth, the reason why the German legions easily trampled the Soviet state and submitted the Slavic tribe to their will. He found his answer in Russian history. Peter the Great had once traveled around Europe, and then forced the people of Russia to abandon their backwards ways and embrace a more civilized culture. This was the true meaning of the Aryan spirit - not merely a physical race, but a higher state of mind! Following in (what he believed to be) the footsteps of Peter the Great himself and educating himself in German and Aryan ways from any scrap of literature he could find, the self-proclaimed Fyurer of the Aryan Brotherhood, now having adopted the Aryan name of Gutrum Vagner, attracted a loyal following to his mission, which he saw in the reclamation of Russia from the untermenshen and degenerates for the true masters of Europe. After the West Russian War, he and his men swarmed the anarchic city of Perm and declared it the site of Aryan revival, where they indulged in the imitation of the ways of the superior race and brought terror and humiliation upon the Slavic subhumans. Holding up one of the most merciless and terrifying forces of Russia with a firm hand, Vagner gazes into the farthest reaches of Russia, seeking to return it to the cradle of the Aryan civilization.