Boris III

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Boris III
Boris IIII in 1963
Tsar of Bulgaria
Date of Birth30th January 1894
Place of BirthSofia, Principality of Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire
Age at start67
Nationality Bulgarian
Political PartyPravitelstvo na Tsaria
Ideology Absolute Monarchy

Boris III (Bul: Борѝс III ; 30 January 1894), originally Boris Klemens Robert Maria Pius Ludwig Stanislaus Xavier is the Tsar of Bulgaria at the start of the game.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

The tale of Tsar Boris III extends beyond mere biography. For over forty years, the fate of Bulgaria has rested upon the Tsar's shoulders. Every act of heroism is his pride; every act of villainy is his shame. When they are all tallied up, what will his legacy be?

Boris III's allies refuse to ask such a question - they feel they have an answer. With his intelligence and courage, Boris III delivered Macedonia to Bulgaria, saved the nation from fascism, and preserved its independence. This is the story his government tells:simple, clean, and easy to repeat

Yet behind closed doors, many refuse to believe it The Tsar has shown a clear trend towards authoritarianism, using harsh repression to maintain his authority. Despite all the pomp and grandeur, Boris III remains a dictator as much as a king and as a dictator, he can be as stubborn and paranoid as anyone.

Regardless of his legacy, the Tsar's story must soon end. Now deep into his sixties and in poor health, Boris III has begun grooming Prince Simeon to one day take his place. Someday soon, there will be no Boris III- and for good or ill, the tale of the Unifier King will be complete.