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Guangdong Civil Administration is the on-paper unified political body of the Guangdong Legislative Council. Since members are appointed by the chief executive rather than elected, the organization is supposed to be apolitical and independent of the ideological divides seen in the Japanese diet. However in reality many of the member of the Council are divided thanks to many council members being won over to the political causes of various corporations.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

The Legislative Council is, in theory, an apolitical advisory body appointed by the Chief Executive to advise and legitimize their actions as part of an unified political corpus - the Guangdong Civil Administration. In practice, of course, the capture of the Legislative Council by corporate interests have made political factionalism a fact of life. Those who remain loyal to the appointed Chief Executive Suzuki's vision, to the prerogatives of the state above that of moneyed interests, are seen as the executors of the Civil Administration in the Legislative Council.