1964 United States presidential election

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1964 United States presidential election

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537 members of the Electoral College
269 electoral votes needed to win
Nominee TBD TBD
Alliance Republican-Democratic Coalition National Progressive Pact
Home state TBD TBD
Running mate TBD TBD

1964 electoral map. Due to the Japanese Occupation of Hawaii, Hawaii can not vote in this election. Numbers indicate electoral votes to be cast by each state.

Incumbent President

John W. McCormack

Following the 4-year term system, the next US Presidential Election is in 1964.

Following the impeachment of President Richard Nixon and the assassination of John F. Kennedy during his short term as interim president, the Republican-Democratic Coalition is in a state of chaos to pick a nominee.

On the other side of the aisle, the National Progressive Pact is also planning to pick their favored candidate, dependent on whether the Civil Rights Bill is veto'ed by President Nixon

Possible Nominees[edit | edit source]

Republican-Democratic Coalition[edit | edit source]

Lyndon B. Johnson (D)

Wallace F. Bennett (R)

National Progressive Pact[edit | edit source]

Robert F. Kennedy (P) (If the Civil Rights Bill is Veto'ed)

George Wallace (SR) (if the Civil Rights Bill passes)