Foreign Policy

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The Foreign Policy tab feature provides the player with a general overview of the stance of regional and global powers; it displays four categories of global influence: rankings, tensions, spheres and nukes. Each of these categories is affected by in-game developments.

Rankings[edit | edit source]

Displayed in the rankings tab are the "cold war scores" of every major power. This score is calculated on a series of categories concerning the military, the economy and most importantly the success or failure of proxy wars.

Tensions[edit | edit source]

In this section, the player may find the current status of the tensions between superpowers. Lore events, such as the Hawaiian missile crisis or the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler, impact this value. Annually, tensions between all superpowers decay by a value of 2.5 points.

Spheres[edit | edit source]

Here the player can access a list of all the economic spheres, their leaders and their member nations. The number of member nations, the total GDP and the percentage of Global GDP are listed. At the start of the game, eight spheres are present: Großraum Kontinetaleuropa, the American Sphere, the Co-Prosperity Sphere, the Italian Sphere, the Iberian Sphere, the Argentinian Sphere, the Brazilian Sphere and the Turkish Sphere.

Nukes[edit | edit source]

In the nukes section, the player will be able to check an index of global weapon stockpiles and to manage the country's nuclear armaments. At the top, each nuclear power is listed in order of the number of warheads; in the strategic arsenal section the player will be able to increase the number of warheads (provided enrichment facilities are built) or to decrease the size of the stockpile. In the nuclear triad section, the player will be able to check the country's nuclear delivery capability, and, if they might choose to do so, deploy the warheads, leading to nuclear war.