Nuclear Bombs

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Castle Romeo nuclear test.

A Nuclear weapon is an explosive device utilizing the process of either nuclear fission or fusion (used in thermonuclear bombs) to generate a nuclear explosion. Both types of Nuclear Bombs release extreme amounts of energy, and are known for the destruction they cause following a detonation.

In the TNO universe, the first use of a nuclear weapon in warfare was the Atomic bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1945 during World War II. Throughout the Cold War, high yield Thermonuclear bombs were developed in order to greater increase their destructive power.

The Nuke GUI at game start (USA)

Nuclear Powers[edit | edit source]

Starting Nuclear Powers[edit | edit source]

Germany (20102 at game start)

United States of America (12382 at game start)

Empire of Japan (8147 at game start)

Potential Nuclear Powers[edit | edit source]

Russia (after unification)

Australia (can potentially relinquish them if Jim Cairns is PM)


Italian Empire