Great Trial

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The Great Trial is the name of the Black League's Final Confrontation with Germany which will most likely result in Thermonuclear War between Germany and a Reunified Omsk, which will escalate to World War III.

Foundings[edit | edit source]

The Great Trial was established right after Dmitry Karbyshev, founder of the Black League, escaped from a German concentration camp, and after the failure of the West Russian War, managed to reach Omsk, where he founded and instituted the Idea of a Great Trial, where Russia would be destroyed by the "Great Trial" by the Germans, hence the whole point of the Black League, to defend against a follow up German Invasion of Russia.

However, as Karbyshev aged and a new group of officers came to power, they sought blood instead, seeking to take revenge on the Germans, with no mercy shown to the Teutons for pillaging, raping and burning their once proud homeland.

Karbyshev's Version[edit | edit source]

Karbyshev's version of the Great Trial is mostly Defensive, however Karbyshev won't be able to start the Great Trial due to his death in 1962 after the player / AI completes the focus "Falling Snow". However after Karbyshev's death, Yazov will take over the Black League.

Yazov's Version[edit | edit source]

Yazov's version of the Great Trial is the exact opposite of Karbyshev's Version, as Yazov seeks an offensive Great Trial to kill all of the Germans and make their way to the Welthauptstadt Germania and destroy it. However that is unlikely to happen as Thermonuclear War will start once Yazov even gets to core German Land let alone Germania.