Ivan Chernyakhovsky

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Ivan Chernyakhovsky
Ivan Chernyakhovsky, 1962
Chairman of Gorky
Date of Birth29th June 1907
Place of BirthOksanya, Umansky Uyezd, Kiev Governorate, Russian Empire
Age at start55
Nationality Russian (Gorky)
RoleChairman of Gorky
Political PartyVoennaya Kontrolnaya Komissiya v Gor'kom

Военная Контрольная Комиссия в Горьком

Military Control Commission in Gorky

Ideology Stratocratic Communist

Ivan Danilovich Chernyakhovsky (Russian: Иван Данилович Черняховский; born 29 June 1907) is an Army General and current Chairman of Gorky.

In-Game Description

Ivan Danilovich Chernyakhovsky has had his soul snuffed out by the blaze of the Russian Anarchy - yet he can count himself among the lucky ones. This wasteland has done far worse.

His transformation began during the West Russian War, when Ivan Chernyakhovsky commanded the Eighth Army. In those days, Chernyakhovsky was a cheerful commander. When Gavrilov began his retreat, Chernyakhovsky pulled back to Gorky, tearing across the rising chaos of Russia.

Yet the nation he returned to was as lost as the territory he escaped. The people had become deluded with reaction, jeering at the Red Army. Communists were tearing the stars off their suits and goose-stepping with fascists and capitalists. By the time he reached Gorky, there was nothing left in Chernyakhovsky but anger - towards the Germans that destroyed his home, and the Russians that betrayed it.

Trapped in Gorky, all that guides Chernyakhovsky is bitterness and duty. With Russia lost, he has focused his attention on weakening the Reich with his remaining forces. The battle with Germany is the last hope for Communism - it must be continued, despite the cost.

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Trivia[1][edit | edit source]

In OTL, Ivan Danilovich Chernyakhovsky was the youngest-ever Soviet General of the Army.

For his leadership during World War II he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union twice.

He would die from wounds received outside Königsberg at age 37 while in command of the 3rd Belorussian Front. On 18 February he was killed by shrapnel from artillery fire while inspecting preparations for an offensive on the city.

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