Jorge Alessandri Rodriguez

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Jorge Alessandri Rodriguez
Jorge Alessandri Rodriguez in 1963
President of Chile
Assumed Office:
3 November 1958
Preceded byJuan Antonio Coloma Mellado
Minister of Finance
In Office:
1947 - 3 November 1958
Preceded byTBD
Succded byTBD
Personal details
Native NameJorge Alessandri Rodríguez
Date of BirthMay 19, 1896
Place of BirthSantiago, Chile
Age at start65 years old
Nationality Chilean
RoleStarting head of state
Political PartyFDdC (Ind-PLU)
Ideology Moderate Technocracy

Jorge Alessandri Rodriguez (Born: May 19 1896-) is the current president of the Republic of Chile. He is the relative of two previous presidents with both his father and younger brother having served. Winning the Presidency in 1958, Rodriguez has two years left in his term. However his presidency has seen growing chaos in Chile and the next two years will be hectic.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Jorge Alessandri has always said he didn't want to be President. Indeed, it wasn't his fault that he was born the son of Arturo Alessandri, and brother of Fernando Alessandri, both men famous Presidents in their own time, inheriting all the baggage it entailed. It wasn't his fault that he spent part of his youth in exile, ruining what should have been a blossoming social side to his life. It wasn't his fault that the most powerful earthquake in recorded history hit in the middle of his administration, snapping his plans in two. If he had it his way, Jorge would have been an architect, or at least led a quiet life- and it could have been so, if not for pressure and incredible chance.

It started with a favor to his brother, President Fernando - sitting at the bottom of a steep collapse in copper prices, begging Jorge to take over as Minister of Finance - not just for him, but for Chile. His successes saved the economy, but infuriated the unions - massive protests broke out, shattering Liberal dominance of the Democratic Convention. Even after his brother left office, Alessandri remained as an advisor for President Coloma, his Conservative successor - again, a favor for Chile, nothing more than that. It's that same logic that made him take up the battle for the FDC's next leader, despite his distaste for politics - for Chile needed a compromise leader to turn the radicals back, and who was better suited for it than him?

Despite his protests, though, the state of Chile today is Jorge Alessandri's fault. It's nobody's fault but his for refusing to bow out to the Conservatives in 1958, splitting the coalition and destroying his own power base. It's nobody's fault but his that his apolitical, technocratic stabilization programs, while successful on paper, have only kept the citizenry poor and angry towards the FDC's status quo. It's nobody's fault but his that the FDC's apparatus wheezed its way through the 1961 elections, suffering a terrible defeat and forcing further compromises.

Two years remain on Alessandri's reign, and the country is as polarized, poor, and chaotic as ever. He sits on a throne made of molten glass, crackling and burning away at him, scorching hot as he doggedly fights back against the creeping resignation to fate he feels. No matter how he complains, though, he refuses to make another mistake - one ignorant error means Chile's throne will shred him with its flaming shards, and may just take the country with him. After all, what was the point of all this, if it was not for Chile?"