Josef Terboven

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Josef Terboven
Josef Terboven in 1963
Reichskommisar of Norwegen
Personal details
Native nameJosef Antonius Heinrich Terboven
Date of birthMay 23rd, 1898
Place of birthEssen, Rhine Province, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire
Age at start63 years old
RoleHead of State of Reichskommisrait Norwegen
Political partyNational Gathering -(Mainstream)
Ideology Fascism

Josef Antonius Heinrich Terboven (born 23 May 1898) is a Nazi Party official and politician who was the Gauleiter of Gau Essen and the current Reichskommissar for Reichskommissariat Norwegen. At the post of Reichskommissar for the past 20 years since the Nazi invasion and occupation in Operation Weserübung, Terboven has reluctantly preserved the autonomy afforded to the native Norwegians and only upholds their status to maintain what little peace the collaborationist government can afford against the underground resistance movement, the Milorg. Personally however, Terboven holds the Norwegians in racist contempt.

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

The Reichskommissar of Norway, Josef Terboven, has lived a charmed life for the past 20 years out of Germania's sight. Norway has acted as a vital part of the Reich's strategic defense network, but the autonomy afforded to the natives to ensure that peace is maintained has always grated somewhat on Terboven, who views the Norwegians, Aryans though they may be, as lazy and incompetent due to the many issues with industry, lack of progress in Germanization, and the consistent inability to squash the traitorous Milorg organisation.

Norway has found a renewed prosperity under the Reich, but the prosperity hides a distinct conflict between the native Fascists of the National Union party and the German military forces, reluctantly ceded by von Falkenhorst in the aftermath of the 50s economic collapse. The National Union party aims to keep a form of Norwegian culture alive within the Reich, something that Terboven views as unacceptable, and further disagreements over the ideal German agricultural lifestyle and the desire of some politicians for a more urban Norway have led to heated, albeit not yet irreversible, clashes.

A more insidious issue for Terboven is the presence of one of Europe's last remnant states, the Kingdom of Sweden, a parliamentary democracy that many think ought to have gotten the hint decades ago and surrendered itself to the dustbin of history. The Swedes are alleged to hide Norwegian dissidents, spread propaganda and insidious lies about the Reich's intentions to loyal Norwegian citizens, and worst of all fund the insidious Milorg terrorists, who have thus far eluded destruction.

Yet these are all issues that Terboven views as solvable, provided the Reich remain stable enough to act as a bigger stick when negotiating with the National Union for more concessions to limited Germanization. Norway under Terboven is loyal province of the Third Reich. For now.