Kim Beazley

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Kim Beazley
Kim Beazley in 1963
Prime Minister of Australia
Assumed Office:
December 18, 1961
Preceded byRobert Menzies
Member of the Australian Parliament for Fremantle
Assumed Office:
18 August 1945
Preceded byJohn Curtin
Personal details
Native NameKim Edward Beazley
Date of Birth30 September 1917
Place of BirthNortham, Western Australia, Australia
Age at start44 years old
Nationality Australian
RoleStarting head of state
Political PartyALP-R (Australian Labour Party - Right)
Ideology Progressivism

Kim Edward Beazley (born 30 September 1917) is the current Prime Minister of Australia, having served in the position since the Australian Labor Party (ALP) managed to win at the polls, regaining a majority in Parliament at the 1961 elections.

Beazley was not supposed to take the role, however he was forced into this position as then ALP leader H. V. Evatt was beginning to develop mental health problems. He would find himself in an uncertain situation as the Hawaiian Missile Crisis has renewed concerns of Japanese invasion and a major scandal is about to rock the Australian government.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Perhaps in better times, Kim Edward Beazley could have been known as a patron of education. A crusader fighting against the plague of illiteracy and slack-jawed idiocy in the Sunburnt Nation. In other, missed futures - slipping through his fingers like minute grains of sand - perhaps Beazley wouldn't have had to become Prime Minister. Content with his position inside the House of Representatives, Beazley could have settled himself as a modern Cicero, tackling his opponents with acerbic wit and passion inside his shining city on the hill.

But these are not peaceful times. Australia finds itself on the verge of encirclement by Tokyo's unrelenting waves. An entire generation of young men lies rotting inside the Papuan jungle, with not even the Charon's consolation of victory cradle, their spirits as they cross the Styx. Only the logistical nightmare of invasion and occupation of the Land Down Under saved Australia from being skewed upon the blood-encrusted bayonets of the Japanese Empire. With only a tenuous lifeline to America, many are starting to wonder. Will Australia survive to fight another day? Or will it - like Eastern Asia - succumb to the Sun's blinding glare? Or will, the most heinous enemy come from within?

Faced with such dire consequences as one's independence, it is no wonder why the young man is such a proponent of renewed ties to Washington's warm embrace. After all, with Brittannia's Throne, claimed by traitorous pretenders, is it little wonder why Australia should align with the Last Hope of Liberty? Beazley stands, with his back to the past, and his brow to the future and shouts;