National Alliance of Russian Solidarists

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National Alliance of Russian Solidarists
Народно-Трудовой Союз Российских Солидаристов
Logo of NTS
Party Leader Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (Vyatka)
Founder(s)Duke Sergei of Leuchtenberg
Founded1 June 1930, 32 years ago
Ideology Solidarism
NewspaperPosev (Посев)
Political PositionRight-wing to far-right
ColoursWhite, Blue, Red, Yellow
Slogan"God is not in power, but in truth!"

National Alliance of Russian Solidarists is a solidarist party created by Russian émigrés in Belgrade, Serbia.

Creation[edit | edit source]

NTS was created by Russian émigrés, mostly young émigrés who were dedicated to counter communism. During the time of Soviet Union, they illegally sent their members to topple the government by creating underground revolutionary forces in the USSR.

The following text below is from NTS Pamphlet spread around Vyatka:

Unlike Communism, Solidarism provides a twentieth-century basis for dealing with present day issues. It rejects a purely materialistic approach to social, economic and political problems. It postulates that man, rather than matter, is the chief problem today. It rejects the concept of class warfare and hatred, and seeks to replace this dubious principle with the idea of co-operation (solidarity), brotherhood, Christian tolerance and charity. Solidarism believes in the innate dignity of the individual and seeks to safeguard as inalienable rights his freedom of speech, conscience and political organization. Solidarists in no way claim that their ideas represent the final answer to all problems, but they believe that man who is master of the atom bomb must also become master of himself and his destiny.

West Russian War[edit | edit source]

After the West Russian War, the members moved to Vyatka, alongside Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn whom established NTS in Vyatka.