Redeemed Black League

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Redeemed Black League
Российское правительство национальной мести - Rossiyskoye Pravitel'stvo Natsional'noy Mesti

Ruling Party Iskuplennaya Chernaya Liga
(Tr: Redeemed Black League)
Head of StateAlexander Lazarenko
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned
Market Type Military Directed

Even amidst the post-Imperial wasteland, the Black League has endured, protected by the distributed Leadership created by Plan Hydra. In internal exile, the surviving leader of the Black League, Alexander Lazarenko, has developed a new Thesis one that implements the lessons learned against the Regent. The Great Trial, according to Lazarenko, was not against the Germans, but against fellow Russians. The Black League can trust nobody, not even fellow Russians. Lazarenko's Redeemed Black League will be a state formed of the purest, untainted by the foolish notion of a shared Russian heritage. Only those born under Black League auspices, subject to the strictest regimentation, are pure and worthy. All others are in the considered existential threats and either expelled or dealt with in other ways

Background[edit | edit source]

The West Siberian warlord that emerged after the Holy Russian Empire collapses due to the death of the 'Blessed' Regent, the extent of territories this warlord occupies are Yugorsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Tyumen, Kurgan and Yekaterinburg. The Redeemed Black League also occupied Omsk but the Brotherhood of Cain soon occupied it after its establishment

The Redeemed Black League is the product of "Plan Hydra", or the Black League's plan to rise from their deep bunkers and survive even after defeat. However, due to the rise of Taboritsky's Holy Russian Empire, they now believe that the Great Trial is not only against the Teuton menace but also against fellow Russians. They believe that the Russian race must be purified, and do this through mass conscription and forcing conscripts to fight each other for survival, to turn them into efficient killing machines.

Only those born and raised within the Redeemed Black League's borders are considered to be true Russians. As such, they keep a close watch on their own population, deter or shoot refugees on sight, and brutally subjugate any groups that they conquer. The Redeemed Black League shares beliefs with the Aryan Brotherhood and the Holy Russian Empire, whom they oppose. They all carry a fierce focus on Germany's influence. Like the former, they promote a small group of Russians as the racial elite ("Aryans" vs. "Pure Russians") and oppress other Russians that are not a part of the group. In the latter's case, they both share the belief that Russia must be purged of imperfections and be reshaped to fit their own standards, by gas, bullet, or more.

They shoot down the aircraft of the Imperial Airborne Brigades and murder any prisoners, but they're one of the Redeemed Black League's less sympathetic victims, since these bandits frequently harass smaller villages. Under the Militarized Village Program, the Redeemed Black League forces entire populations to relocate at gunpoint, where they are forced to produce munitions to fuel their upcoming war effort. The Redeemed Black League has embraced a truly vicious training regime for their Reformed Redemptionary Brigades, turning the recruits into merciless killers that are little more than monsters than men.

Should the Redeemed Black League 'unify' Russia, they will be known as the Russian Government of National Vegeance; preparing and arming Russia for what Lazarenko calls The Second Great Trial.