Alexander Lazarenko

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Alexander Lazarenko
Personal details
Native nameАлександр Лазаренко
Date of birthApril 4, 1922
Place of birthPrimorsky Krai, Russian SFSR
Age at start40 years old
RoleOmsk General and potential leader of the Redeemed Black League
Political partySibirskaya Chernaya Liga Iskuplennaya Chernaya Liga (Post-HRE Collapse)
Ideology Ultramilitarism

Alexander Ivanovich Lazarenko (Александр Иванович Лазаренко, born on the 4th of April 1922 in Primorsky Krai, Russian SFSR) is a general in the Black League and the potential leader of the Redeemed Black League if Taboritsky manages to unite Russia under his Holy Regency then shortly imploding after the Blessed Regent dies.

With a political alignment leaning towards ultramilitarism subideology, Lazarenko has gained a reputation for his hardline stance and fanatical loyalty to the cause. he possesses extensive military experience and expertise, making him a formidable force in the Black League's military structure. While he may not have the same level of adoration as Dmitry Yazov, Lazarenko's supporters see him as a symbol of strength and stability in a chaotic and turbulent world.

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

Dmitry Yazov was wrong. The Teuton, for all his disgusting evil and inhumanity, was but one great enemy of the Russian race. Taboritsky and his followers were not Teutons, but Russians horribly ridden by a Germanic ideological disease. In germ warfare, only the proper precautions and vaccinations can prevent an outbreak amongst your own population. To Alexander Ivanovich Lazarenko and his Redeemed Black League, hidden from the surface in their deep Plan Hydra bunkers, only the cold embrace of the earth ensured the purity of his soldiers.

Russia a corpse writhing with maggots, with each rancid grub wearing a uniform and proclaiming nations of their own. The Russians, once thought by Lazarenko to be the race to save Mankind from the horrors of Nazism is now polluted beyond redemption. That is the ultimate cruelty of the Teuton, to have poisoned the very essense of the Russian race.

With a heavy heart, Alexander Lazarenko has proclaimed a new crusade, a Second Great Trial to cleanse the Russian people of their Teutonic pestilence. By bullet, gas, and shell, Russia will be redeemed. There is no other way.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His addition of a Fifth Thesis (that the Great Trial must first come for fellow Russians before it can come for the Germans, since Russia has become infected by the disease of National Socialism) ironically makes the Redeemed Black League comparable to the Aryan Brotherhood, since while the original Black League would be willing to accept people not born in their ranks provided they were re-educated, the Redeemed Black League does not, and operates with an intent of purifying Russia in a similar vein as the Brotherhood (albeit making the country pure "Russian" instead of pursuing Aryan purity).
  • Originally, Lazarenko would be leader of one of the remnant states that would appear if Omsk failed to deal with Pavel Batov's insurgency. This was changed, and now Konstantin Pastanogov leads Task Force Bogatyr (which is the direct successor state to Omsk that will appear in their collapse).