Regency of Holy Russia

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Regency of Holy Russia
Вечное Регентство Святой Руси - Vechnoye Regentstvo Svyatoy Rusi

Ruling Party OVRI (Obshchestvo Vosstanovleniya Rossiyskoy Imperii)
(Tr: Society for the Restoration of the Russian Empire)
Head of StateAndrey Dikiy
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned
Market Type Burgundian System

Founded as a reaction to the imposter Alexei II in Irkutsk, the Regency of Holy Russia is foremost a state centered around putting down any opposition to the true Regent - Andrey Dikiy himself. From a radio station in the Buryatian wilderness. Dikiy has declared himself the legitimate Blessed Regent to the Holy Russian Empire - and the true Alexei II, in the wake of Taboritsky's death, essentially declaring independence from the Vyatka government. From the few villages and towns that he controls, Dikiy's Regency marches forth against Alexei's far superior forces, in one more mad gambit to put down the imposter and seize ultimate power over the Far East for himself.

The Regency of Holy Russia is a remnant of the Holy Russian Empire in the Far East and the other claimant to Alexei's legacy and the main force against Michał Goleniewski's Russian Empire. Dikiy's Regency is also home to the last remains of Konstantin Rodzaevsky's Russian Fascist Party, with Lev Okhotin and Konstantin Ageev both available as generals.

They take their starting location from Sablin's old position as a reversal of the Irkutsk-Buryatia clash and use the aesthetics and Imperial Cult ideals of the Holy Russian Empire. Additionally, the designs of fascist Amur are incorporated, replacing their flag's swastika with Holy Russia's eagle and implementing Okhotin, Tyrsin, and Ageev as generals. The church is kept, but the idolization of Jewish figures like Paul and Moses are banned, and Dikiy's own brand of Imperial Cultism are entwined with the old religion. Their main goal is never-ending terror, as Dikiy tries to hijack the insane prophecy of Taboritsky for himself, by declaring himself the true successor to the Regency and publicly swearing that he will retain control until Alexei returns, which he fully knows is impossible and will result in an eternal Regency with himself as ruler.

Upon unification through Arcade Cheats, they will be known as the Eternal Regency of Holy Russia, ensuring that the motherland is stuck in an never ending nightmare she will never wake up from.