Tsar and Soviets: TNO Berezniki Submod

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Tsar and Soviets : Berezniki Submod
StatusReleased + In Development
DevelopersFrost Mango, Landrayn, Posledniy Eser
Last Update13 November, 2023
TypeExpansion and revision Submod
Features2 Complete paths for Berezniki, Unique Mechanics, 2 more paths in rework, plans to add 2 more countries.
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Tsar and Soviets: TNO Berezniki submod is a TNO submod adding content for the cut Russian Warlord State Berezniki which was originally removed for not making any sense of for its lack of realism.

Curent Content[edit | edit source]

Currently the Submod has two routes for Berezniki: Belozersky and Kosygin. Two more paths for the country are planned. One of these paths is the Gil path which is an anti-monarchist path that takes for mentor Italian fascism. The Submod also plans to add content for Vorkuta and Oirotia. In Vorkuta will sit the SRs.

Current paths of Berezniki[edit | edit source]

  • Belozersky: The leader of this path is a former monarchist employee of the NKVD, CIA and OSS. During the Zemstvo council he is supported by the army, and wins. He then builds a monarcho-socialist Russia with a mixed economy, then crushes Germany to ruin. The leader of this Russia supports the royalists in the Middle East, the OAS in France, and the Spanish Republicans.
  • Kosygin: A Former Soviet Economist and Chairman of the Evacuation Council of the USSR, who due to rumours of being Alexei II wins the Zemstvo. A Player playing his path will not have an easy playthrough as bandits will seize Vyatka and kill his main supporter base. The player should note a focus on anti terrorism and the creation of a counter terrorism unit.
  • Maria: This path is being actively reworked as it is, in the developers words, boring.
  • Gil: Removing autonomy from Berezniki, Kazem-Bek will die, Solzhenitsin will then try to annex Berezniki back to Vyatka, but Gil's coup takes its course. He removes monarchism from the Mladorossi and takes the example of Italian fascist.

The Collapse of Germania[edit | edit source]

After Germany's total defeat during the Belozero War, Germany breaks up into 5 occupation zones under the control of Russia. Czechia and Austria are also liberated.

  • GUOT-Occupation Zone of Russia is the territory of the Russian military for denazification. Leaders: Vladimir Gil, Dzozhev Byerly.
  • Westphalian Federation-German Democracies, Waldemar Schmidt tries to reestablish German democracy
  • Rhine Union - German Democratic state, Walter Schell and his government reforms and is spared by the Russians for renouncing their Nazi past.
  • Kingdom of Baden-Württemberg - A Monarchy in the south of Germany, King Maximilian II Ziregen does not support almost everything and he himself sings wine.
  • Kingdom of Bavaria- A monarchy in southern Germany, Franz I Wittelsbach was a slave in a German factory but during the collapse of the Reich, he led the Bavarian Rebellion. Successful in his attempt, the Prussians will pay for what they have done.
  • Archduchy of Austria - A monarchy in the south of Germany, Otto I of Habsburg did not think that Austria would return again, especially with a restored Austrian throne. During the collapse of Germany, Russia offered him to become the monarch of Austria again, he agreed
  • Czech State - A nationalist military dictatorship of Alois Grebenchek which conducts ethnic cleansing of Germans in the Sudetenland which will potentially lead to German uprising.
  • The Army of National Liberation-Verwolf Rebellion, led by Otto Ersnst Remer, they plan to restore the Nazi Party in Germany and restore Germany to it's glory.
  • People's Front of Germany - the remnants of the Spartacists, they want to make a revolution in Germany and also spread the revolution to it's neighbouring states.
  • Sudeten Volksfront - Remnants of the German military in the Sudetenland, they want to enslave the Czechs to Bohemia and later to reestablish Germany.

Update "The Struggle for One's Rights."[edit | edit source]

On June 4th 2023, the first hints of content for Vorkuta appeared. Later, a teaser was released. From them, the following became clear:

At first, Vorkuta will be under the rule of the NKVD and Vasily Blokhin. But after some time, there will be a successful coup d'état by socialists prisoners and the left SRs will become the head of the country. The old Boris Kamkov would become the leader of the country.

Before the beginning of the troubles, the "Pechora War" takes place - military actions between Vorkuta and the bandit state of Yugra.

After the unification of the region, the SRs will put their program into action. But at the same time, their policy will be flexible (for example, they will justify the death of some members of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (VKP(b)) who did not tarnish themselves by participating in Kaganovich's purges).

As for the content on the super-regional stage, the developers are not talking about it yet. But according to the main developer, all the main content will begin in 1969, when the SR leader Boris Kamkov dies.

And to power can come to the left SRs, who will continue his policy, or right SRs, who will revise the policy of Kamkov and will build a socialist state with the introduction of some elements of capitalism.

In addition to this, there will be a third, secret path. But nothing is known about it yet.

Content Moskovien[edit | edit source]

On November 10, 2022, a teaser appeared in the TNO VK group, showing the initial tree of the Reichskommissariat Moskowien.

As stated in the teaser, the Reichskommissariat is not a good environment for Germans. On top of that, the content suggested new lore for the Reichskommissariat (for example, the new ruler was to be Constantin von Neurad).

The main plot would take place during the German Civil War. At this point, the Reichskommissariat was falling apart. The game countries were to be:

The Zolin Brigade.

Bandits, one of whom, Andrei Chikatilo, would rise to power. Being a Satanist, he begins to slowly go insane. And at the end, had to declare himself the Antichrist. Sometime after the unification, Moscowien dies and, as in the epilogue of Sergei of Taborite, the country under his rule disintegrated.

In addition, there were plans to make a path of Peter Zolin himself, the remnants of the German government, led by Oskar Schindler, the Red Partisans and Kaminski.

However, after the release of the "New beginning" update, which added content for Kosygin-Romanov, the content on the Reichskommissariat was frozen and until November 2023, the content on Moscovien was practically never covered.

The end of this case was set by the order of the new project manager on November 12th 2023, according to which the content on the Reichskommissariat Moskovien was finally cancelled and closed.