Umberto II

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Umberto II
King Umberto II in 1962
King of the Italian Empire
Assumed Office:
28 December 1947
DuceBenito Mussolini (1947 - c. 1950s)
Galeazzo Ciano (c. 1950s - present)
Preceded byVictor Emmanuel III
Personal details
Native nameUmberto Nicola Tommaso Giovanni Maria di Savoia
Date of birth15 September 1904
Place of birthRacconigi, Piedmont, Kingdom of Italy
Age at start57 years old
Nationality Italian
  • King of Italy (Head of State)
  • Leader of Italy during the potential transition towards democracy
Ideology Interim Government

King Umberto II is the fourth king of Italy in the modern era. Inheriting the throne from his father Victor Emmanuel III after his death in 1947, on paper King Umberto II is the highest authority in the Italian Empire. However in reality Umberto II's power only exists as long as the National Fascist Party are not antagonized by his actions. This and Umberto II's low opinion of fascism has lead to Umberto II working secretly to undermine the National Fascist Party's control over Italy.

In-Game Description (Pre-Rework)[edit | edit source]

After the now-former Duce relinquished his mantle, dismantling the fascist regime, the country needed a steady and reassuring hand to steer it towards democracy. King Umberto II offers just that: well-loved by the population for his calm and gentle demeanor, and fanatically obeyed by the higher echelons of the Armed Forces, the monarch is known for his steadfast support to democracy.

With the last embers of fascism cooling, Italy is now preparing for elections, and the King has appointed a provisional cabinet to oversee the country until that fateful day. Despite his obvious preference for the DC moderates, Umberto II has refrained from any undue interference in the democratic process, and eagerly awaits for the moment when he'll be able to appoint the winner as Prime Minister, and finally return to the ceremonial role that any King or Queen, in his opinion, should fulfill.

After all, if your King orders you to be free, what can you do if not obey?