V1.4.1c Ugly American Patch C

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Ugly American Patch C is the v1.4.1c patch for The New Order released on April 26, 2023, mainly fixing on bugs and balance changes of the Ugly American v1.4.1 update

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

US and OFN Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Starting USA-German tension now matches listed tension events
  • North Sea sea zone adjusted to correct position in Cold War GUI
  • Writing Nixon's name in Chinese will no longer make him immune from strikes from the Madagascar proxy
  • Iceland Election decisions now hide after 5 media cycles to prevent planning one after the election
  • Germany's Iceland Election leak decisions now check that the US has select a tone or appeal, rather than checking Germany twice
  • Fixed Media Cycle timer losing loc after the last media cycle of the Icelandic election
  • News event for Iceland leaving the OFN now only happens once
  • Fixed several Canadian techs with broken GFX
  • The Shetlands' strongest patriots will no longer resist tyrannical Canadian rule
  • Yockey's election now properly reduces tension with the Germans
  • Fixed Hart Breaker achievement missing an icon when it was not eligible to get in a run
  • Corrected name of the Flower Class corvettes
  • OFN faction status loc updated to new members in UA
  • The Faroes will no longer join the ComIntern
  • Further purged Nationalist senators cloning themselves
  • Schlafly has remembered the number 4
  • Schlafly's article complaining about the Mandates properly triggers once again
  • Kirkpatrick no longer writes an essay on supporting Matkovsky's Magadan if Werbell has taken over
  • US no longer gets a decision to increase suspicion of Japan if Japan has been forced out of TK
  • Operation Checkmate chain is no longer missing loc on one event
  • Margaret Chase Smith's name is now spelt correctly in the election GUI
  • Fixed wrong Columbia being used in DC's name on election GUI
  • Fixed event chain in response to Bennett tree breaking with best result
  • The events for Harrington talking with the teachers' unions now trigger properly
  • Harrington can now properly get radical education reform
  • Cantave coup now properly puts Léon Cantave in charge now and updates party pops

Germany and Pakt Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Germany's Battle for England's North Sea Naval Exercises decision once again has an effect
  • Fixed the US not being in the Battle for England if Thatcher starts it before the inauguration of the 1964 president
  • Battle for England tab is now properly removed once it finishes
  • After Germany wins the Battle for England, UE leaders are no longer told focuses they don't have are going to be completed
  • German RND/HVA can no longer get negative agents from doing standard missions
  • Standard RND/HVA missions now check if you have agents available
  • Media Manipulation mission checks for the correct amount of expertise now
  • Germany is now informed of Maurice's disappearance, allowing the RND/HVA to kill him
  • Fixed several Bormann ideas missing icons
  • Fixed numerous instances where Speer focuses try to change world tension, but lack the scripted effect
  • Speer's Germania-Danzig Railway is now created properly
  • Slave Revolt no longer causes parts of Eastern Europe to get negative GDP
  • Slave Revolt no longer destroys everything in Nordstern
  • Fixed several Polish cities missing names during the Slave Revolt
  • Germany is no longer told lifting the American embargo will allow Guangdong to sell to them
  • Fixed Ostland not losing the Prussian Values spirit post-CW in some scenarios
  • Fixed Welsh shipbuilding for non-MtG owners
  • Democratic Norway won't rejoin the Pakt if it has a Pakt Observer faction status in Bormann's route
  • Pleiger's Reichskommissariat Kaukasien will join the German economic sphere properly in Bormann's route
  • Dönitz's Crimea will join the German economic sphere properly in Bormann's route
  • Fixed the espionage decision where one could search for Che despite the fact the Paraguayan state no longer existed
  • The focus Edward's Trip to Germania will now account for Hitler's condition
  • Burgundian economists can no longer find an extra 10B GDP a month after the endgame economic collapse

Japan and Co-Prosperity Sphere Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Guangdong AI can no longer take the debug decision for target markets
  • Guangdong Riots no longer occasionally start with one less state in rioter control than expected
  • Japan now gets Cold War points from the Shonan-leaning ceasefire
  • Lon Nol's coming to power now properly changes Cambodia to Military-Directed econ subtype
  • Fixed scripted loc for the surname of Guangdong's security minister returning their given name instead for everyone except Ōmori
  • Fixed GAW w/o 100% legitimacy playing the wrong Super Event audio
  • Fixed North China not demilitarized in Western Insurrection
  • Fixed North China Political Council not showing up after ROC is defeated which makes ROC impossible post-GAW

Italy and Triumvirate Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • The Greek-Turkish border wars during the ITW now take into account the changes in Greek states and will function correctly
  • Fixed that damn Italy focus that upgrades a rail through the Balkans (why won't it stop breaking)
  • Fixed one of the Muslim Brotherhood's units not spawning correctly
  • Athens state lore now correctly states it was made capital in 1834 instead of 1932
  • Fixed effects of Scorza ITW peace-deal
  • Corrected several Italian focuses to improve existing ports instead of building a second bigger port immediate next to the first one
  • Fixed many instances in Italy tree where forts were build in the wrong provinces
  • Iberian Wars finally have a sidebar for its Global Conflicts tab

Africa Continent Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The Malagasy no longer use clones of the German Garrison to lead the 2nd Malagasy Uprising
  • Fixed Paktkommission für Madagaskar not showing its leader bio
  • Madagascar factions now have vacant ministers in their slots
  • The Boere Volksraad now becomes leader properly after Hertzog's and Malan's resignations
  • Fixed wrong news events and superevents firing after Reichsstaat collapse
  • South Africa will no longer get further displeasure with the Pakt if they are at war with the Afrika-Schild

Carribean and South American Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Event warning Germany of Puerto Plata Invasion now works again
  • Ceasefire following Puerto Plata should give CL/DRF appropriate starting readiness
  • Decision "Instigate Insider Attack" now has cost
  • Dominican government is no longer focused on garrisoning during the Dominican Civil War
  • Fixed several Colombia CW decisions missing proper cost triggers
  • Bolivia-Santa Cruz war now shows conflict in the current region on the World Tension map
  • Fixed timing on Paraguay Invasion event change so the Conference between the Triple Alliance only occurs after FULNA wins the Bush War
  • Fixed Brazil event referring to Che being in Argentine custody rather than Chilean
  • Brazilian Colombia CW intervention event now will always have an option appear

Russian Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Central Siberia not being able to invade all of the Divine Mandate collapse warlords
  • Novosibirsk occupying Kemerovo now properly increases GDP of the state
  • Added missing Suslov events for expelling Zhdanov and Bukharina from the Communist Party of Komi
  • Fixed New Tomsk not getting the proper generals in AM

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Performance issues ameliorated, but the root cause is still unknown
  • Fixed espionage techs giving a popup with the incorrect icon and no tech name
  • Espionage research is no longer reset if you select your next research before closing the tech complete popup
  • State dynamic modifiers now stay with the state view box
  • Global tension changes now display one decimal instead of zero
  • Added loc for next unit xp levels for Ships and Air Wings
  • Fixed ł incorrectly displaying as Ō in event descs
  • Ledger no longer uses ideologies from pre-TT

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Sony can no longer obtain Harsh Regulations
  • Adjusted some Britain reconstruction decision costs
  • Adjusted some Russian warlords' poverty value for balancing purposes
  • Adjusted Second Philippine Republic's "A Listless Spirit" values to be less penalizing

QoL Improvements[edit | edit source]

Russian QoL Improvements[edit | edit source]

  • Shortened focus times on Chita's Fort branch

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

German and Pakt Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Going down the anti-Himmler path of Speer's tree now increases Burgundy's chance to collapse
  • Adjusted Burgundy collapse chances to account for removed Burgundy RND mission
  • Speer's war against the Schörner's mutiny is now named Fall Otto in world tension menu
  • Added additional flavor to some England focuses
  • Iran's econ type changed from National Socialist Corporatism to Dirigisme

Cold War Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Madagascar CW appears as the Second Malagasy Uprising in Tension menu
  • Suharto and Nasution will leave both Japanese sphere and faction if one of them wins in the Indonesian war
  • Haitian and Dominican Civil Wars are now classified as civil wars
  • Puerto Plata Invasion is now properly named that in war list
  • Creating the Malagasy Airforce will increase Japanese contribution and investment
  • Jumpstart Malagasy Arms Production will reduce military costs instead of civilian
  • Overhauled Madagascar skeletons

US and OFN Changes[edit | edit source]

  • CIA regions locced
  • Format of Wallace's tree has been altered to be more pleasing to the eye
  • US fleet naming now matches actual US fleet names
  • US election GUI cleaned up to increase performance (1/3 GB purged)
  • Changes to the presidential election animation
  • Moved Jamaican Independence Referendum to 1967

Russian Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Removed the 'Tver Karelian' minority in Tver
  • Kemerovo superregional reunification news event now accounts for the leader of the country

Italian Sphere and Middle East[edit | edit source]

  • Removed Functionless Italian Empire GUI
  • Iraq and Yemen have Triumvirate Member faction statuses now
  • Reworked Turkish States
  • Reworked Syrian States
  • Reworked Iraq-Mosul border
  • Split Middle East Strategic Region into Levant and Mesopotamia

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Removed most instances of hardcoded scripted loc, which allows our translation teams to edit said loc far easier
  • Many left-over non-character leaders converted to characters or changed to use loc keys instead of hardcoded names
  • Replaced all mentions of MPLA with PLUAA
  • Changed the colors of Serbian and Croatian cultures
  • Renamed Asia Minor Strategic Region to Anatolia
  • Fixed some Greek VP locations
  • Diego Garcia and the Chagossians are now classified under the African Creole culture instead of Austronesian
  • Several slightly updated Ibuka Silicon Years icons