Second Malagasy Uprising

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Second Malagasy Uprising
Part of The Cold War
Militärverwaltung Madagaskar soldiers marching in the jungles of Madagascar

Rebel artillery unit firing on enemy positions
AbilitiesEquipment, Manpower, Advisors
DateFebruary of 1963
PlaceIsland of Madagascar
French Colonial Administration

Militärverwaltung Madagaskar

Supported by:

Malagasy Rebellion

Supported by:
German Victory: instead of being returned to the French Madagscar Administration, The Germans will set up the Pakt Comission of Madagascar and will remain in the Einheitspakt
Japanese influence more than the US: Should the influence of Japan outweight that of the US, the Malagasy Rebellion will reform into Malagasy Republic and join the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
US influence more than the Japanese: Should the US manage to influence the Malagasy Rebellion enough, the Malagasy Rebellion will reform into Republic of Madagascar and will join the Organization of Free Nations

Second Malagasy Uprising is a proxy-conflict between The Greater Germanic Reich and the Empire of Japan. The Second Malagasy Uprising begins as an effort by the Malagasy people to drive the colonizers out of the island and to earn their independence. Shortly after the beginning of the uprising the Japanese Empire will throw in their weight in favour of the rebels. Causing the French Madagascar administration to fall into anarchy. Shortly after the Reich supported Militärverwaltung Madagaskar takes up the mantle to manage the unstable island and to make sure it remains in the hands of the Einheitspakt.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Second Malagasy Revolt begins in the February of 1963, after decades of colonial rule by the French, the natives of the island will once again rise up against their European overlords for a second time in a century. Following the defeat of the first uprising in 1949, the Malagasy liberation effort recieved a massive blow. They would see the island be turned into, first the last real colony of the French state, then to another German occupied land, a mere Reichskommisariat in all but name. The spirit of resistance would ignite once more, with the help of the Japanese Empire. The island would prove strategically important, sitting at the edge of the German Sphere and an important location on the South Indian Ocean.

The Conflict[edit | edit source]

Following a massive uprising, that would prove too much for the French administration to handle, Madagascar would see a total collapse of authority. The German garrisons on the island would quickly establish the Militärverwaltung Madagaskar in order to restore order to the island and combat the Malagasy Uprising. Meanwhile Japan would supply the rebels with not just weapons and needed materials but also by directly sending forces of their own.