Malagasy Rebellion

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Malagasy Rebellion
Fikomiana Malagasy
Flag of the Malagasy Rebellion
Ruling Party Police Mutiny
Head of StateGilles Andriamahazo
Sphere Co-Prosperity Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned
Credit Rating Good
Market Type Dirigisme

Malagasy Rebellion is the organised resistance of the native population of the island of Madagascar that are attempting to break free from the colonial overlords and finally become an independent nation of their own. With the backing of the Japanese Empire, the Malagasy people of the island would revolt, causing the French administration to collapse, forcing the island into an anarchic state.

Should the uprising be succesful and the colonizers kicked out, the Malagasy Uprising will reform into the Malagasy Republic and join the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Should, however, the Americans play their hand correctly the rebellion will instead reform into the Republic of Madagascar and instead join the Organization of Free Nations.

A Game of Influence[edit | edit source]

Almost right after the start of the conflict, Americans sensing an opportunity, will infiltrate the island with the Central Intelligence Agency behind the backs of the Senate and the Congress. Trying to influence the newly born revolt to become aligned with the United States and by extention the Organization of Free Nations. This culminates in a battle of influence between the Japanese and the Americans all the while Malagasy people battle the German presence on the island.

Even if it seems easy, should the Americans go over their limit, their actions are risked being found out causing them to be leaked to the press and a potentially early resignation of Richard M. Nixon. The impeachment will eventually remove the Second Malagasy Uprising from the Foreign Policy and remove all the influence the US had, making the efforts all be in vain if peace is not reached before the end of the event chain.