Emil Maurice

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In-Game Biography[edit | edit source]

Amidst the wreckage of Tuléar and the flames engulfing Madagascar, Emil Maurice wonders where it all went wrong.

Close friend to the Führer himself, Maurice had a relatively good life before the war. Having served in the SA during the Kampfzeit before being made #2 of the SS and promoted to Hitler's permanent chauffeur, it came as a shock when his Jewish heritage was revealed, and despite his quick proclamation as an honorary Aryan, by the time the Reich's shadow had fallen across all Europe, few wished to keep such a man in Germania. In order to keep Hitler's ear clean of any wormed tongues, the "royal advisor" was kicked upstairs to oversee the French-owned territory of Madagascar under the vestige of the "Militärkommission von Madagaskar"— a position no man wanted.

Maurice's fears were all but confirmed upon touching down in Tananarive, as his apathy grew in equal volume to the protests against colonial rule. Now, facing total revolution, the chickens of indifference have come home to roost, and with the MvM as the last line of defense for the European order on the island, the thoughts running through Maurice's head have become a single cry: "How do I get out of this alive?"

Emil Maurice
Emil Maurice, 1963
Military Commissioner for French Madagascar, Leader of Militärverwaltung Madagaskar
Date of Birth19th January 1897
Place of BirthWestmoor, German Empire
Age at start65 years old
Nationality German
RoleLeader of Militärverwaltung Madagaskar
Succeeded ByErhard Milch
Political PartyGeneralbüro für Madagassische Angelegenheiten
Ideology Technocratic Nazism

Life[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Emil Maurice (Born 19th of January, 1897) is the German Military Commisioner for French Madagascar. Maurice was among the first members of the NSDAP joining in 1919 and a founding member of the Schutzstaffel. Being a close friend of the Führer himself, he participated in the Beer Hall Putsch alongside him in 1923. Upon the discovery of his Jewish heritage in 1935, despite pressure from Heinrich Himmler for him to be removed from the Schutzstaffel he was granted "Honorary Aryan" status by Hitler. He would be granted several minor party positions throughout his career in Germany.

Madagascar Days[edit | edit source]

Due to constant pressure by the SS on Hitler for Emil's removal from his position, he would be sent to Madagascar to oversee the French administration of the island, and as the head of the Generalbüro für Madagassische Angelegenheiten (General Office of Malagasy Affairs).

This appointment to his new post has been viewed by many, including Emil himself, as an exile from Germany to appease Himmler. His appointment to Madagascar would ruin his mental health, causing him to go into depression as he hated the island. In Madagascar, he would be in charge of the German garrison on the island, supressing rebel activities and seperatist sentiments.

Uprising[edit | edit source]

Following the Second Malagasy Uprising and the collapse of the French colonial administration, he would be the leader of the German garrison on the island, reorganized under the Militärverwaltung Madagaskar trying to restore order and to keep Madagascar under German control. However he would be seen as too much of a pushover by Erhard Milch and upon the start of the German Civil War, Milch would perform a coup against Maurice, removing him from power and taking over the control of the German remnants on the island.

Subsequently, he would go on the run, with his departure a contest between the Central Intelligence Agency and the Abwehr, the intelligence agency of the Greater Germanic Reich.