National Socialist German Workers Party

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National Socialist German Workers Party
Founded : 1920
Political Position : Far-Right

National Socialist German Workers Party ( Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei in German) or NSDAP are the sole legal party of the Greater Germanic Reich since 1933. The party serves as the organization that the totalitarian dictatorship of Adolf Hitler functions and operates. However in recent years as Hitler's health declines, so does the party's unity. Unity has declined to dangerous levels. The NSDAP is also Generalgouvernement's leading party.

Factions[edit | edit source]

Conservatives[edit | edit source]

Lead by Parteiminister Martin Bormann, the Conservatives represent Nazi members who seek to maintain the current status quo. While representing the party's orthodoxy, its leadership does acknowledge that needs to be a little bit reform for the German Reich to survive the coming decades.

Militarists[edit | edit source]

Lead by Reichsmarshall Herman Goering, the Militarists represent the interest of the Wehrmacht and the prominent members of the German Military-Industrial Complex. The faction overall goal is to start a new age of conquest and expansion for the German Reich.

Reformists[edit | edit source]

Lead by Reichswirtschaftsminister Albert Speer, the Reformists represent those who feel that National Socialism in its current state has caused it to stagnate and that only major reform can save it. While all the faction members agree that Reich needs to be reform, there not a singular vision among members on the exact nature of this reform beyond at least abolishing the government's racial policies. Moreover, this faction is also the home of the Gang of Four, a group of four dissidents in the Nazi Party seeking to dismantle the current system and replace it with a more democratic structure.

Himmerlites[edit | edit source]

An extremist faction within the NSDAP that is primarily compose of members of the SS members. The Himmerlites agreed with the Reformists that the German Reich is stagnating, but view that this stagnating is a result of complacency of the German people and modern society. This faction proposed solution is radical overhaul of German society into a warrior based society similar to ancient Sparta and a romanticized view of the actual Aryans culture.personal ambitions

Factions with Speer as Führer[edit | edit source]

Control[edit | edit source]

A faction lead by Gerhard Klopfer that represent the remnant of the Conservatives after Speer's ascension and are initially the main opponent for Speer's reforms

Reactionary Social Revolutionaries[edit | edit source]

A faction that seeks to use the NSDAP as a tool to completely remake German social and economic life. They seek to turn the German economy into one similar to fascist Italy and socially to combine party and society into one, large unit.

Orthodox Reactionaries[edit | edit source]

Continuing the legacy of Joseph Goebbels, this faction seeks to solve Germany's problem by pushing it back towards it glory days in the 1940s.

New Guard[edit | edit source]

A faction within the Wehrmacht that seeks to place more jingoistic National Socialists in the military's highest position. They also believe that German society should become more militarized .

Institutional Reformist[edit | edit source]

Are a group seeking to both promote intra-party democracy and empowering the Reichstag committees. They also argue for more lenient treatment of Germany's eastern European territory. Despite their reformist bend, they opposed some of Speer's more wider idea of reforming Germany

Party Reformist[edit | edit source]

Are a faction that agree with all of Albert Speer core reforms but want officials within the party to take a leading role in them .

Core Speerites[edit | edit source]

A faction of those within the Germany government who are nearly 1005 aligned with Albert Speer's vision of Germany.

Reformist Technocrats[edit | edit source]

A faction that are aligned with Speer's reforms, but seek to make the reformed government one dominated by Technocrats and civil servants.

Speerite Social Revolutionaries[edit | edit source]

A faction composed mostly of younger members of the party who view that the party has become old and bloated and needs a house cleaning through a s second Nationalist socialsts revolution.

Inner Circle[edit | edit source]

A faction of politicians within the party who have formed an internal opposition to Nazi rule and seek to hijack Speer's reform to move Germany in a more democratic direction.

AOdNSDAP[edit | edit source]

The AOdNSDAP, officially Arbeitsbereich Osten der Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Arbeiterpartei (English : Eastern Division of the National Socialist German Workers' Party), is the Division of the Party used in the Eastern Reichskommissariats : Reichskommissariat Ukraine, Reichskommissariat Moskowien, Reichskommissariat Ostland and Reichskommissariat Kaukasien.