Aimo Aaltonen

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Aimo Aaltonen
Aimo Aaltonen, 1962
Party Leader of Communist Party of Finland
Date of Birth10th December 1906
Place of BirthPargas, Grand Duchy of Finland, Russian Empire
Age at start55
Nationality Finnish
RoleParty Leader
Political PartyCommunist Party of Finland
Ideology Marxism-Leninism

OTL Biography[edit | edit source]

Born in Pargas, Aaltonen began believing in communism at a young age and studied in the Soviet Union from 1930-1933, before soon returning to Finland to lead the Communist Party of Finland (Suomen Kommunistinen Puolue, SKP) in 1944 despite the party being banned and illegal under Finnish anti-communist laws.

In-game[edit | edit source]

In TNO, Aaltonen leads the Finnish Socialist Republic in the Second Finnish Civil War, one of 2 potential outcomes from the Karelian War against the West Russian unifier. This is where Finland not only has to deal with Russian partisans in Murmansk and the West Russian unifier, but against Aaltonen and the SKP as well if they don't legalise the communist party.

If the SKP wins the civil war before the Finnish government ends the war with West Russia, Finland cedes Murmansk and East Karelia to the West Russian unifier, while also ceding the Åland islands to Sweden.

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