Arische Brudershaft

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Arishe Brudershaft
Арише Брудершафт
Party Leader Gutrum Vagner (Aryan Brotherhood)
Founder(s)Gutrum Vagner
Founded1957, 5 years ago
Ideology National Socialism
Political PositionFar-right

The Arische Brudershaft or Aryan Brotherhood in English is the ruling political clique of the Aryan Brotherhood. Founded by Gutrum Vagner in 1957 following the end of the West Russian War. The faction originally started as a group of West Russian Revolutionary Front deserters drawn to either Vagner's charisma or seeking to adopt a more bandit-like lifestyle. However, most of them would be converted to Vagner's views of German supremacism that for Russia to be reborn it must remold itself into the Aryan ideal.