Fianna Fáil

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Fianna Fáil
Founded : 1926
Political Position : Center-Right to Right Wing

Fianna Fáil, or the ‘Soldiers of Destiny’, is the ruling party of Ireland. The party formed in 1926, and consisted of former members of Sinn Féin that opposed the Anglo-Irish Treaty in the 1922 and 1923 General Elections. Fianna Fáil's nationalist economics and Conservative Catholic policies have allowed it to hold on to a majority in the Oireachtas since 1932.

Factions[edit | edit source]

Lemassites[edit | edit source]

The faction represent those in Fianna Fáil aligned with party leader Seán Francis Lemass. They are categorised as Paternalist in the game.

Reformists[edit | edit source]

Initially led by Jack Lynch, the reformists seek to end corruption in Fianna Fáil and make Ireland less dependent on the Germans. They are categorised as Conservative in the game.

Hardliners[edit | edit source]

Led by Charles Haughey, the Hardliners are pro-German, capitalist, and seek to solidify Fianna Fáil’s domination of the Irish Goverment. They are categorised as Despotic in the game.