Seán Francis Lemass

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Seán Francis Lemass
Seán Francis Lemass, 1962
Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland
Date of Birth15 July 1899
Place of BirthBallybrack, Dublin, Ireland
Age at start63
Nationality Irish
Political PartyFianna Fáil - Moderates
Ideology Dominant Party Democracy

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

To say Seán Francis Lemass loves Ireland would be an understatement. Since the rising against the British in 1916, he has been present ensuring a safe and prosperous future for the country. The ultimate recognition of his services was Éamon de Valera's endorsement for Taoiseach upon his retirement from the post. Thus, Lemass was thrust into the forefront of Irish politics, only to discover the dreadful state of the country.

Shortly after taking office, he was faced with economic meltdown, rebellion in the Northern Counties, and the shaky nature of his position. The legacy of his role in convincing de Valera to join the Germans during the attack on Northern Ireland haunts him as he watches Eire become more dependant on Berlin by the day. Every hour he spends as Taoiseach, Lemass grows more convinced he can do little more than slow the iimpending collapse of his own administration. In spite of this general pessimism Lemass has held on, and has, to his credit, managed to maintain Ireland's territorial integrity secured and its political system unchanged.

Ultimately however, Lemass's silent achievements will count for little if he cannot save the country for itself. While the difficulty of his job increases in proportion to the power of the opposition Fine Gael, and the number of terror attacks in the Northern Counties, it is not an impossible task. If Lemass proves able to carry it out, Lemass will stand on the pantheon of Ireland's founding fathers. Should he fail, he shall be its undertaker.