Invasion of Northern Ireland

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Invasion of Northern Ireland
Irish Soldiers handing weapons to riflemen outside Belfast
Date1943 - 1945
PlaceGreat Britain
ResultIrish Victory
Eamon D'Valera

The Invasion of Northern Ireland was the invasion of Northern Ireland by the Republic of Ireland against the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (not to be confused with the post-war United Kingdom of Great Britain). The invasion costed the ill-prepared Irish Army significant losses, but ultimately succeeded after two years of continued operations. The invasion was greatly supported by the German Reich due to Germanys plan of utilizing the ports of Ireland to cut off Britain and all allied forces on the island from continued supplies via the US. Operation Sealion, the invasion of the British home isles, was made possible by the invasion of Northern Ireland and is widely regarded as being a nail in the coffin of the Allied war effort.