Italo-Turkish War

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Italo-Turkish War
Part of The Collaspe of the Triumvirate
From top to bottom: Turkish Soldier deployed in Syria with his country's flag.
AbilitiesEquipment, Manpower, Advisors
DateLate 1962 to early 1963
PlaceThe Levant, Iraq, and Greece
ResultItalian Millitary forces in Rhodes are isolated
  • The Syrian National State is turned from a Turkish puppet to an Italian puppet, the Syrian Arab Republic.
  • Cyprus stays controlled by the Hellenic State.
  • Italy maintains control of Rhodes.
  • Thrace is taken by Greece and East Thrace is mostly demilitarized except for Istanbul.
  • Mosul and Kerkuk are annexed by Iraq.
  • Turkey annexes all of Lebanon
  • The TMT takes all of Cyprus
  • Rhodes is taken by Turkey.
  • Salamis is annexed by Turkey and the area around Athens is Demilitarized
  • Turkey keeps control over Mosul and Kerkuk

The Italo-Turkish War, more formally known as the Second Italo-Turkish War, is a conflict between Italy and Turkey in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Triumvirate.

Lead-Up[edit | edit source]

In the years leading up to 1962, the Turkish government had been demanding control of both several Mediterranean islands with a significant Turkish population and more territory in the Levant from the Italians. This issue was planned to be negotiated at the Malta Conference, but the bombing prevent any resolution from occurring. Following the failure of the 1962 Malta Conference, relations between Italy and Turkey reached a low point.

With the end of the Malta conference, the Triumvirate collapsed as both Turkey and the Iberian Union blamed the Italian government for the lack of security that led to the bombing. With no alliance binding them, the Turkish government decided that they would solve the border issue by force.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

The war is unique in TNO, as Italy doesnt actually declare war on Turkey. the war is simulated with Turkey fighting the Italian Levant, which Italy sends volunteers to. meanwhile, combat on the other fronts is handled through the border war mechanic.

Potential Outcome[edit | edit source]

Unlike most conflicts in TNO, Italo-Turkish War's outcome has a huge number of variation based on who prevails in which front.