Henry M. Jackson

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Henry M. Jackson

Henry Jackson in 1972

Henry Jackson in 1960
United States Senator
from Washington

Assumed Office:
January 3, 1953
Preceded byHarry P. Cain
Member of the U.S.
House of Representatives
from Washington's 2nd district
In Office
January 3, 1941 - January 3, 1953
Preceded byMonrad Wallgren
Succeeded byJack Westland
40th, 41st, or 42nd
President of the United States
In Office
January 20, 1973 -
Vice PresidentSid McMath
Director of the
Central Intelligence Agency
In Office
1969 -
PresidentMichael Harrington
Personal details
Native nameHenry Martin Jackson
Date of birthMay 31, 1912
Place of birthEverett, Washington, U.S.
Age at start49 years old
Nationality American
  • Progressive Senator for Washington
  • Former (1960) NPP Presidential Nominee
  • Potential 1972 NPP Presidential Nominee, and potential President
Political partyNational Progressive Pact - (Progressive)
Ideology Western Progressivism

Henry Martin Jackson, commonly also referred to by the nickname Scoop Jackson, is an American senator for the state of Washington, former presidential candidate, and the leader of the Progressive Caucus of the United States National Progressive Pact.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

As President[edit | edit source]

Henry Martin "Scoop" Jackson has made a career of fighting injustice across the country. A rabid anti-extremist, Scoop, in more than 30 years of politics, has continually carried a torch of progress while refusing to give in to the draw of the far-left elements of the NPP. Scoop has always termed himself an American first and a progressive second. Every decision he has taken was done so with the well-being of the American people at the forefront of his mind.

However, his fervent anti-extremism borders on extremism in and of itself. He despises the communists of the Marxist Caucus and the Sovereigntists, to the point where he has campaigned on a seemingly anti-democratic platform of banning the two parties. His populist, progressive, and moderate political positions give him a unique standing that echoes the progressivism of Theodore Roosevelt.

Now President, Jackson stands in a position from which he can achieve the dreams that he has proclaimed for more than 30 years: liberty, equality, and civility. In one fell swoop he may be able to remove the ANV and Marxists from American politics forever, passing landmark civil rights bills and other progressive legislation, and drawing a hard line in the sand for both the Empire and the Reich to fear.

As CIA Director[edit | edit source]

Henry Martin "Scoop" Jackson seemed to have hit his ceiling in Washington. Failing to gain the presidency despite three successive runs in 1960, '64, and '68, it seemed the honorable senator from Washington State's lifetime of public service would end in the senate. But that was before another longtime fixture in the Progressive wing of the NPP gave him an opportunity to make a mark on the world in Virginia.

President Harrington put a cold warrior in the tank, and the CIA is ready to pounce. After years in the senate talking about what America should do for the world, Jackson is in a place to do it. Every man and woman in Langley knows they are fighting for nothing less than the liberation of the world. If Germania and Tokyo don't have the fear of God in their hearts, they will when they see the company come for them by any means possible.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

As a Democrat[edit | edit source]

The Birth of the Progressive Party[edit | edit source]

The Election of 1960[edit | edit source]