Viktor Larionov

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Viktor Larionov, Blessed Regent of All Russia

Viktor Larionov is a member of the Society for the Restoration of the Russian Empire and a field marshal for the far-right Passionarity coalition in Komi. If Sergey Taboritsky seizes control over Komi, Larionov initially serves as his security minister, then becomes head of government when Taboritsky purges his old friend Pyotr Shabelsky-Bork, before proclaiming himself the new Blessed Regent after Taboritsky's death.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Military campaigns[edit | edit source]

Viktor Larionov, as an experienced military commander who fought during the Civil War, has led several campaigns against Vyatka, Samara and the WRRF rebellion.

Political career[edit | edit source]

When Taboritsky dies, Larionov proclaims himself to be the next Blessed Regent and subsequently assumes the throne. Larionov takes advantage of the Shturmoviki ("Stormtroopers," essentially the Holy Russian Empire's death brigades) and uses them in order to solidify his control. After this, the Holy Russian Empire will collapse into a second warlord era; Larionov only has dominion over former Komi and most of Vyatka.

After learning that Taboritsky was the child of a Jewish mother, members of the OVRI (Society for the Restoration of the Russian Empire) decide to burn his body in order to stop the news from spreading. In practice, this only delays the inevitable and the Holy Russian Empire collapses shortly thereafter.

Larionov quickly develops severe schizophrenia and dementia just like his predecessor due to his advanced age. Because of this, the new Holy Russian Empire is merely an anarchic hub for raiders and thieves.