Passionariyy Organization

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The Passionarity Organization (Russian: Пассионарная Oрганизация, Passionarnaya Organizatsiya), simply the Passionarity (Пассионарность, Passionarnost) or Komi Right (Коми Верно, Komi Verno), is a political group consisting of Komi's right-wing parties. It is led by Lev Gumilyov.

Main Candidates[edit | edit source]

There are 4 main candidates that can rise to become the Leader of Komi, should the AI or player choose.

  • Lev Gumilyov: leader of the majority Eurasianist faction and is the leader of the Passionariyy organization.
  • Igor Shafarevich: leader of the Russian National Party which presents itself as a Christian Democrats, but is in truth merely a means for Shafarevich to take power.
  • Sergey Taboritsky: leader of the Society for the Restoration of the Russian Empire (OVRI), a fringe group associated with the much larger Passionarity, whose "stormtroopers" are used as elite militias. Initially represented as Clerical Fascist, Taboritsky will convert the nation into the Western Russian Regency under the Imperial Cult should he unify West Russia. As a Romanov monarchist, Taboritsky believes that the long-dead Tsarevich Alexei Romanov is in-fact still alive and will only return to Russia if the nation achieves racial purity. His reign will eventually lead to a second "post-Midnight" warlord era, and as such he is objectively the worst outcome for Russian reunification.
  • Ivan Serov: The leader of the Ordosocialist Workers' Party. Initially a member of the Communist Party of Komi, Serov joined the Passionarity after the Communist Party leader, Mikhail Suslov, forced him out of the party after discovering his true political leanings. Serov's politcal ideolgy, Ordosocialism, is an odd mix of National Socialism and Communism, combining Marxist-Leninist orthodoxy with chauvinist Russian nationalism and fascist policies.