Yuri Evtukovich

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Yuri Evtukovich is one of the Shturmoviki's ("Stormtroopers," Sergey Taboritsky's death brigades) most famed generals.

He is only seen in-game if Taboritsky's Holy Russian Empire collapses, causing a 2nd Warlord era in Russia, otherwise referred to as the post-Midnight era. It is here that he becomes the leader of the Ural Purification Zone.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Political career[edit | edit source]

When the Society for the Restoration of the Russian Empire rises to power in Komi, Yuri Evtukovich quickly becomes one of Taboritsky's most loyal soldiers. Yuri continues to operate under his reign even after he converts Ust-Sysolsk into the Western Russian Regency, where he then joins the Shturmoviki.

Yuri's service in the Shturmoviki is memorialized by his victims, as he is known for his sheer recklessness and brutality. These practices go even further after Viktor Larionov succeeds a now-dead Taboritsky and the Holy Russian Empire collapses. The Uralic Imperial Guard Command is created, and it now seeks to further "purify" the post-Midnight hellscape.