Northern Counties Special Zone

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Northern Counties Special Zone
Flag of the N.C.S.Z.
Ruling Party Fianna Fáil - Northern Counties Administrative Council
Head of StateMinister for the Northern Counties Neil Blaney
Head of GovernmentEddie MacAteer
De Facto Country LeaderPresident Éamon de Valera
Sphere Grossraum Kontinentaleuropa
Foreign Alignment Pakt Observer,
Credit Rating Fair
Market Type Planned Economy

The Northern Counties Special Zone, also called by most locals Ulster, is a Special Administration technically annexed by the Republic of Ireland, but made as a semi-independant state for integration reasons. It is constituted of four counties that previously were owned by the United Kingdom, but that were took by Ireland after World War II. Unlike the 2 other counties of what they previously called "Northern Ireland", Fermanagh and Tyrone, the 4 counties of Ulster, Armagh, Down, Derry and Antrim, are governed by a special wing of the Fianna Fáil, itself directed by the Minister for the direction of the Northern Counties Neil Blaney.

Ulster Paramilitaries[edit | edit source]

Since even before the Irish War of Independence, Ulster has been plagued by Paramilitaries and Religious Terrorists as a result of its semi-Catholic semi-Protestant culture, this clash of religions has led to a number of deadly internal conflicts that the current "government" of the N.C.S.Z. has been trying to stop ever since its foundation. However, even if their attempts have diminished the paramilitaries, two religious paramilitary groups still remain, clashing against each others every now and then.

IRA[edit | edit source]

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Led by Seamus Twomey, the Irish Republican Army, shortened to IRA, is the main Catholic Paramilitary Group in Ulster.

UVF[edit | edit source]

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Led by Ian Paisley, a native Protestant Northern Irish, the Ulster Volunteer Force is the main Protestant Paramilitary Group in Ulster, but also in the entirety of Ireland. A large number of them are actually British auxiliary units that activated following the fall of Britain. They are one of the most violent terrorist group in Ulster, even if they are smaller than the IRA.

ICG[edit | edit source]

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A breakaway from the Irish Republican Army, they are a small force of Republicans that disagree with the IRA's shift to sccialism. Despite this, they have not renounced Irish Republicanism, and have continued the fight for the Republican cause.