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Main Gate of the Presidential Palace at Nanjing
State GDP$3.18B
Culture Wu

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Nanjing is a city intimately linked with the Chinese Revolution and the foundation of the many nations that both preceded and succeeded the Qing - as far back as the Taiping Revolt, the city has been bled dry in war after war. Following the Xinhai Revolution, Nanjing was selected as the capital, and during the 30s saw tremendous growth and development as it was fashioned into a modern city worthy of being the centre of all China. However, this was not destined to last - the Second Sino-Japanese War saw the invading IJA run wild in Nanjing, killing, looting and raping indiscriminately, reducing the city to rubble and its people to a frightened, terrified state. The Reorganized Republic was given this brutalized capital for its own administrative purposes, and since the war the city has slowly but steadily recovered from the near decade of atrocities inflicted on it. Now, Nanjing stands as a testament to the resilience of the Chinese people, and whispers and rumours abound in the shady corners and urban alleyways of plans to throw off the Japanese shackles once and for all...