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National Socialism
Ideology GroupNational Socialism
Notable PeopleAdolf Hitler
Notable Parties National Socialist German Worker's Party (NSDAP)
National Socialism

National Socialism, the iron fist clutching the heart of Europe for nearly thirty years, refers to various styles of fascism incorporating fervent racism, extreme militarism, and a totalitarian, one-party state where individuals are subordinated for the common good. It is distinct from other forms of fascism in its core tenets of brutally enforced racial hierarchy and aggressive, genocidal expansionism as "living space" for its nation's peoples.

In the German sense, Nazism holds several key tenets close to its black heart—anti-Semitism ingrained in every political action; a deep disdain for traditional liberal democracies, the parliamentary system, and capitalism; and finally, its strong hatred for Communism. While most National Socialist nations are either with or direct collaborators with the German Reich, the term is now often used to describe a variety of fascist movements around the world that echo Nazism's foundations, each with their own unique attributes, such as radical Japanese imperialism.

Nazism, with its roots deeply embedded in the tumultuous history of the mid-20th century, left an indelible mark on the political landscape. The brutal enforcement of racial hierarchy, aggressive expansionism, and totalitarianism characterize this dark chapter in history.

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